Walking tours for active travellers – tips for seniors

For the active mature and senior traveller be they a couple or solo traveller this article outlines preparation for walking tours even for the over 80's. It may on the Wainwright, the lake district or a pilgrims walk across Europe or St James Way, the Camino. This artices give advice on getting fit, shoes and socks including for particular advice for women on this topic.

14 Jan 21 · 6 mins read

Walking tours for active travellers – tips for seniors

Why walk? Because for the traveler , as a couple or solo traveler , walking tours are a great tour to access sites off the beaten track. Exploring on foot, on a guided walking holiday, as a preferred travel style gives you access to more authentic experiences, as you enjoy sights and experiences shared on a guided walk usually reserved for locals including some quaint villages. Discovering a new country and its landscape through walking gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment. The discovery and exploration of ancient forests or olive groves or quaint villages that are hidden, make route notes for a great walking adventure or hike for for a future walking trip. Moreover, it is great for your fitness and will make you feel alive! Meet and chat with people, see more, and have your physical work rewarded with secrets you can only uncover from the ground whether on guided walking tour, self guided tour or free walking tour the benefits all remain.

Odyssey Traveller offers small group walking tours designed especially for senior and mature travellers and are dominated by a collection of European walking tour programs for 2022 and beyond. An affordable group tour suitable for couples and singles, they are tailored toward varying levels of fitness and are flexible So, if you would prefer your itinerary to be spending an afternoon sipping tea and watching the world go by, you can. And rejoin the rest of the small group guided tour later in the day. Walking tours are fully mapped out, with an itinerary designed to maximise experience, and are guided by people in the know. Discover the world at a slower pace and get your feet dirty!

Walking tours for active travellers - tips for seniors

Discover the world on foot with Odyssey Traveller

Odyssey Traveller offers an affordable group tour that is focused on being a walking tour in varied locations throughout the world with a great range of themed vacation packages to some great places with a tour guide for your trip as a couple or solo traveller as set out in sections below.

Pilgrimage Walk

Travellers walking through endless green fields on the Camino.

One popular European walking tour is the pilgrimage route. The faithful set aside worldly comforts and set out on these week-long spiritual journeys on foot to fulfil a religious vow, to repent for a sin, to ask divine cure for an illness, or to simply deepen their faith by retracing the steps of saints or to visit a place of spiritual significance. Modern pilgrimages, however, are not necessarily confined to the faithful. The expansion of pilgrimage routes in Europe in the twenty to twenty-first centuries mirrored as well the diverse motives of the modern traveller in joining these journeys. Travellers, religious or secular, may join a pilgrimage to appreciate European art, architecture, and history, to test their physical limits by journeying across rural roads, or to simply feel a connection to the millions of travellers who have walked the same path over the centuries. For Odyssey as the tour operator there is a great sense of history and personal achievement on leading a group of couples and solo travellers on these ancient walking routes.

If you’d like to learn more about ancient and modern pilgrimages, you can read our informative article about the many pilgrimage routes in Europe, and an article focusing on the routes of the Camino and Via de la Plata. Perhaps the descriptions of the routes and sights will inspire you to sign up to our Camino de Santiago Walk or our Via de la Plata tour. On these tours, we will walk between 5 to 15 kilometres per day, and explore key places of interest with local guides. You can walk on some of the classic journeys such as Via de Francesco in Italy or Via Francigena.

Walking through England, Wales, Ireland

England village tour
Sunrise of Grasmere, Lake District

Odyssey Traveller also has several walking tours exploring England, Wales and Ireland.

We offer a small group walking package for seniors across the Scottish highlands as well as the through 3 of Englands beautiful National parks walking the infamous Wainwright through the Lake District and North Yorkshire Moors from coast to coast with the wind at your back.

The Walking Tour of Rural Britain is designed around having two days to explore per every night based at a hotel. These are rambles requiring a good level of fitness, which is repaid with postcard-worthy scenery. We will walk through Kent, Cornwall, and on the Welsh/English borders, as well as the Lake District and a day on Arran Island.

If you want to learn more about British history, consider joining the Walking Tour of Ancient Britain, a fully escorted, small-group, 20-day program that will take you through Britain’s ancient towns and walkways, steeped in over 5,000 years of human history. We will walk through the region surrounding Salisbury, Bath, and Stroud in the southwest of England and along the border with Wales. The tour includes some of the greatest walkways in England. We will typically walk between ten to twelve kilometres to explore these routes.

You can explore the Welsh landscape in Explore Wales tour. Walk up to 15 km per day past spectacular scenery including dolomite cliffs at Great Orme’s Head and Carreg Cennen castle. Similarly, the Ireland and Lake District walking small group tour rewards your effort with dramatic scenery, tales of history and unique villages. On this tour, we spend up to five nights in each location, so that we can really get to know our surroundings.

We have several articles of interest related to these walks, including:

  1. an article on the Lake District
  2. a post about reading the British landscape
  3. an article about six short walks in Britain
  4. one on the Channel Islands
  5. and another about the history of the English Village

Walking tours in France

Loire Valley
Loire Valley

France walking tour on foot crosses islands and coasts en route to the peaks of the Savoy Alps. This is a walk for the active traveller on very diverse terrain.

We also have a walking tour that explores the Loire Valley, the largest site ever registered in France as World Heritage site by UNESCO. The site crosses a multitude of historic towns and villages, rich with architectural heritage and ancient history. Many of these places are explored on this walking tour. This Loire Valley walking tour reveals religious buildings and castles, cultivated land, and wild landscapes.

Other Walking Tours

The Abruzzo, Italy small group walking tour for senior or mature travellers is a walking program that traverses the Apennines, mountain ranges that form the backbone of peninsular Italy. Each day the group covers between 7 to 16 kilometres, rising up to about 800 metres in altitude. Both the scenery and the insights on this active tour combine to make this an unforgettable experience.

Trekking in Nepal offers heights for travellers seeking the small group experience. We venture deep into Annapurna, away from roads and civilisation and enjoy the expertise of trained guides and porters.

Explore the Land of the Rising Sun with the Walking Japan small group tour. This walk traces the journey of 17th century Japanese poet and haiku master, Matsuo Basho (pseudonym of Matsuo Munefusa). We walk in his footsteps on this 13-day journey around the northeast Tohoku region of Japan.

The Berlin Walking Tour traces the rich history of the city and the Berlin Wall. Click here to read about the must-see sites in Berlin and why Germany should be your next holiday destination.

The Romania small group walking tours for seniors and mature travellers offers a worthy challenge as we trek through villages and take in the country’s natural beauty.

Odyssey Traveller’s walking tours offer something to all active, mature adventurers.

Walking tours for active travellers - tips for seniors

Published June 2020. Updated Sept 2020

Advice on how to prepare for your walking tour

How do I get fit for a walking tour?

It is imperative that all walking travellers have the appropriate level of fitness on a walking trip. At Odyssey Traveller, each tour includes an activity level, advising distance covered, terrain, as well as additional factors like altitude. Getting “walk-fit” will assist you to enjoy your experience. The first thing you need to do is assess where your fitness is at now. Is your lifestyle active? Do you walk frequently? Do you do cardio or weight-baring exercise? While it is not necessary to join the gym and start pumping iron in order to participate in an Odyssey walking tour, the following is recommended to improve your overall experience. Moreover, the preparation itself can be fun! Take a friend or the dog, and start exploring your local neighbourhood on foot.

  1. Start walking! And start slow. Begin with 15 minutes and record the distance, paying attention to how you feel during and after.
  2. Aim for at least three walks per week, increasing the distance slightly each time.
  3. If you are feeling comfortable, try gradually increasing your pace too.
  4. Calisthenics/bodyweight exercises. These can be done from the comfort of your home and are an easy and convenient way to build your fitness, balance, and mobility.
  5. Experts recommend incorporating some strength training if possible. Calf raises and gentle lunges, for instance, will build muscle tone in your legs. See your doctor or a professional trainer for advice on how to tailor this step to your own fitness level.
  6. And most importantly, stretch! Without stretching, your muscles will become short and tight. 5 minutes of gentle stretching after exercise will extend flexibility and strength, in turn supporting your joints.
  7. And finally, enjoy a sit down and a nice cool refreshing drink – you’ve earned it!

Walking tours for active travellers - tips for seniors

How to cope with altitude sickness

Altitude sickness refers to a group of illnesses that occur after exposure to high altitude, and especially to reduced oxygen pressure. The most common form is called Acute Mountain Sickness, or AMS. It is a benign illness which can occur at altitudes above 2000-2500 metres. Symptoms include headaches, tiredness, insomnia and mild shortness of breath. Sufferers generally acclimatise within 2-5 days. Studies indicate AMS affects 40% of individuals ascending to 3000m, and 75% ascending to 4500m.

Severe forms of altitude sickness occur at higher altitudes again. High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) is characterised by confusion and unusual behaviour, which can lead to coma. High Altitude Pulmary Edema (HACE) sufferers experience a cough that produces blood. Both of these severe forms can result in death. But they are very rare, affecting 1-2% of the population, and usually at very high altitudes.

Walking tours for active travellers - tips for seniors

Managing Altitude Sickness

How to treat altitude sickness? The best medicine is rest. Getting to lower ground will help symptoms, and oxygen can be given if necessary. Plenty of fluids and simple analgesics are usually sufficient to alleviate altitude sickness. Sedatives should not be given.

But remember, prevention is better than a cure. The most important factor is to ascend slowly where possible: 500m per day above 2500m is generally recommended. If you are unwell, listen to your body and take steps to alleviate the symptoms. Some individuals will suffer altitude sickness, and others will be fine. It’s just a matter of being as prepared as possible and knowing what to do if symptoms do appear.

How do I choose good shoes?

When it comes to selecting the right pair of shoes for a walking tour, comfort always comes first. A good fit is essential, and many stores have staff to assist in selection of appropriate footwear. Invest in the best quality shoes you can afford, because they could make or break your experience on tour!

The material of your footwear should be sturdy and durable. For some walks, hiking boots are ideal. These are designed with additional ankle support, very helpful on uneven terrain such as hiking paths. Cushioning will make a big difference when spending several hours per day on foot. Shoes used for hiking should have more cushioning than standard footwear. Another factor to consider is keeping your feet clean and dry. Travelling to exotic locations can mean unexpected changes to weather. Waterproof shoes can save you hassle, but take care to read the specifications of your shoes carefully. Some boots feature waterproof lining but not necessarily outer, or may require additional treatments such as sprays. It is also worth considering how well your shoes will recover if they do become sodden. Leather, for example, can take several days to fully dry.

Advice for choosing socks

Believe it or not, sock choice is just as important. Like shoes, socks are available to suit a variety of specific functions, and those designed for walking feature cushioning and appropriate fabric. A wool blended sock with cushioning at the heel and ball is ideal, and the addition of synthetic fibres can help the sock to dry fast. Blisters form from excess movement inside the shoe so the right socks will assist to achieve a snug, comfortable fit.

You can read more about selecting the best shoes and socks here.

Finally, Odyssey tours also schedule time for leisure. Pack another pair of comfortable shoes for visiting restaurants, shopping, and general day activities.

For more advice on packing for mature travellers, follow this link.

Hiking daypack

Walking tour packing checklist:

  • A bottle of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Weatherproof coat
  • Layered clothing in natural or breathable fibres
  • A camera
  • An umbrella
  • A backpack/daypack
  • Any medications or first aid as required

Odyssey walking tours are flexible and designed for mature travellers

Odyssey Traveller caters to a variety of fitness levels and interests, from introductory to more advanced. All tours are given a fitness level ranging from 1 through to 4.

Level 1 – Introductory to Moderate

Participants must be able to carry their own luggage, climb and descend stairs, moderate walking on uneven surfaces between 3 – 5 kilometers per day. Suitable for most fitness levels.

Level 2 – Moderate

Participants must be able to carry their own luggage, climb and descend stairs, be in good health, mobile and able to participate in 3-5 hours of physical activity per day, the equivalent of walking / hiking up to 8 kilometers per day on uneven ground.

Level 3 – Moderate to Challenging

Participants must be in excellent health, extremely mobile and live an active lifestyle. Program activities may include up to 6 hours of continuous strenuous, moderate-to-fast paced activities per day on varied terrain.

Level 4 – Challenging

Participants must have a high level of physical fitness and appropriate expertise in the program activities, and should except full days of fast-paced, strenuous physical challenges.

Read about Odyssey’s activity level grading system.

Mountain View

So in conclusion: if you’re seeking to stretch your legs and explore the world from the ground, consider Odyssey Traveller’s walking tours. They are designed especially for senior travelers, and draw on over thirty-five year’s experience of offering tours to mature travellers.

Updated January 2021

Walking tours for mature and senior travellers

18 Total Tours
Meteora, Greece

18 days

Nov, Mar

Walking in Greece

Visiting Greece

Visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites introduced by local guides feature on this walking tour for mature couple and single travellers. The days itineraries to selected destinations provide authentic experiences in the remote parts of Greece. A single supplement is charged for solo travelers on these small group journeys.

From A$11,715 AUD

View Tour
Early Bird
Saint James Way Small Group Walking Tour

19 days

Jun, Sep

Saint James Way Small Group Walking Tour (The Camino)- Spain

Visiting Portugal, Spain

Experience pleasant sections of the Way of Saint James, crossing some of Spain’s most beautiful landscapes. We follow the pilgrims on easy distances of The Way to the mythical destination, Santiago de Compostella. Not since the middle ages has this adventure for body and mind been more popular. We also get to discover the artistic highlights and rich history of Northern Spain and Portugal, as well as enjoying local wines and exquisite food.

From A$12,850 AUD

View Tour
Early Bird
Castle, Gorey - England, Jersey - England, France, Grouville

18 days

Sep, May

Channel Islands | A small group walking tour for seniors

Visiting Channel Islands

Another Small group tour of the British isles of the Channel Islands. This fully escorted, small group walking tour, takes the active senior off the beaten path with local guides to Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm.

From A$12,850 AUD

View Tour
Romania - small group walking tours for Seniors or Mature travellers

12 days

Apr, Aug, May, Mar

Romania Small Group Walking Tour for Seniors

Visiting Romania

This small group escorted tour explores the magnificent landscapes of Carpathian mountains in Romania, and takes in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Romanian village life. Travel with like minded people, mature couples or solo travellers.

From A$8,350 AUD

View Tour
Sunset at Mt.Ngauruho, New Zealand Walking tour

14 days

Mar, Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan +1

Small group walking tour of New Zealand


Escorted 14 day small group walking tour of New Zealand. Off the beaten track, for hiking fit like minded people curious about history, culture wine and landscapes.

From A$10,995 AUD

View Tour
via del plata

20 days

May, Sep

Via de la Plata: Small Group Walking Tour in the Footsteps of Pilgrims

Visiting Spain

Visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites introduced by local guides feature on this walking tour for mature couple and single travellers in central Spain. The days itineraries to selected destinations provide authentic experiences in central Spain. A single supplement is charged for solo travelers on these small group journeys.

From A$12,950 AUD

View Tour
Lake district walking small group tour

25 days


Ireland and Lake District walking small group tour

Visiting England, Ireland

A guided small group tour for senior walkers that starts in the capital of Ireland, Dublin. This escorted tour with local guides also explores the Giant's causeway, a UNESCO World heritage site. It transfers from Ireland to Scotland to head to walk in the National park of the Lake district.

From A$12,250 AUD

View Tour
walking tours in France

21 days


France on Foot | Small Group Walking Tours France

Visiting France

Our France on Foot small group walking is designed for the active walker and extends from the scenic island of Noirmoutier on the Atlantic Coast via the Massif Central on the borders of Limousin and the Auvergne to the snow-tipped peaks of the Alps in Savoy.

From A$16,750 AUD

View Tour
Exploring Wales on foot, mature travellers small group walking tours

13 days


Exploring Wales on foot : small group walking tours for seniors

Visiting Wales

A Walking tour of Wales with spectacular views across as you walk the millennial path across the Irish sea or up in Snowdonia national park. This guided tour that provides insight into the history of each castle visited and breathtaking scenery enjoyed before exploring the capital of Wales, Cardiff with day tours of Wales from Cardiff. For seniors, couples or Solo interested in small groups.

From A$9,450 AUD

View Tour
Brandenburg gate Berlin

12 days

Oct, May

Berlin walking tour

Visiting Germany

Enjoy an escorted walking tour of Berlin. This small group holiday is for like minded people, mature couples or solo travelers who enjoy getting off the beaten track and exploring with some adventure. The itineraries set for each day follow sections of the Berlin Wall, whilst local guides realise authentic experiences found in this amazing city.

From A$7,950 AUD

View Tour
Whitby Abbey walking britain

22 days

Jun, Sep

Rural Britain | Walking Small Group Tour

Visiting England

A walking tour into England, Scotland and Wales provides small group journeys with breathtaking scenery to destinations such as Snowdonia national park , the UNESCO world heritage site Hadrians wall and the lake district. each day tour provides authentic experiences often off the beaten path from our local guides.

From A$13,750 AUD

View Tour
Walking Japan small group tour


May, Oct

Walking Japan | Small Group Tour

Visiting Japan

Escorted small group tour, Walking Japan, for mature and senior couples and solo travellers, a walking program traces the journey of 17th century Japanese poet and haiku master, Matsuo Basho. We walk in his footsteps on this 13-day journey around the northeast Tohoku region of Japan.

From A$10,750 AUD

View Tour

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