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Kerala, India tea plantations

Travel with Peace of Mind

At Odyssey Traveller we’ve been working with our partners and Program Leaders to ensure that when you are ready to explore the world again, our collection of small group tours for over 50s travel groups for couples and solo travellers are ready for the new world (post covid-19) that awaits us. The safety of our travellers, tour leader, local guide and support staff has always been our top priority and with the new guidelines for public health and safety for keeping safe for destinations around the world, we’ve developed our plan to give you peace of mind when travelling with us.

We will keep updating and adapting our procedures as new information is made available and new guidelines are set by WHO and local governments so we can keep our journeys safe and enjoyable and give you peace of mind travel with our small group tours of typically up to 15  people.

Important commentary on Covid-19

For all travellers joining an Odyssey small group tour we ask for respect for all member of the group and yourself and the communities we are visiting and that:

  1. If requested by Odyssey Traveller you will undertake to take a Covid-19 test and share the result with Odyssey no more than 72 hours before a tour commences.
  2. You respect the communities you are visiting and the Covid-19 directions issued including social distancing.
  3. You will advise your program leader/Odyssey of any underlying change in your health whilst on tour and up to 14 days after the tour.
  4. Odyssey and its suppliers will observe as a minimum the WTTC guidelines and those of the region you are visiting their Covid-19 requirements, the higher standard of the two instructions will be applied for a small group tour.
  5. We remain aware, vigilant and empathetic to the need to change arrangements in response to the challenges of managing Covid-19 before and during a small group tour for the benefit of all in the internal and external Odyssey Traveller community.

Book with Confidence

Small Groups

We have been offering small group tours for mature and senior travelers for over 30 years. Our groups are typically between 6 to 12 travelers, encouraging camaraderie and companionship, unique access to attractions that are off the main path and usually overlooked by larger group companies, flexibility on activities and plenty of independent exploration time. A smaller group is also ideal to keep social distance and move quickly through busier places. It also lets our local guide give you more tailored information while on holiday and update the itinerary to suit our small group.

Getting Around

Our local partners worldwide are committed in providing the best hygiene standards available for all our coaches used on small group tour. Here’s how we’ll be working from now on our group tour itinerary:

• Typically guests will enjoy two seats to themselves, allowing for good distancing between travelers.

• Vehicles will be deep cleaned prior to the tour departure.

• High frequency contact areas (hand grabs, arm rests, etc) will be sanitised often throughout the day.

• Hand sanitiser will be available on the coach and required to be used every time by all travellers, local guide, driver and tour leader when stepping on or off the coach for guided tour(s).

• Face masks will also be available where required (supplies may be limited, so we encourage you to also bring your own reusable face covering).

• All drivers and any local guide will also ensure they are healthy and fit at least 24h before joining our escorted tour. Temperature checks may also be required at the start of each day.

• Local public transport use will be limited wherever possible, and when used, we will follow local health and safety regulations to keep our small group safe and well during the journey.

All measures are to provide you peace of mind travel and a n enjoyable holiday on your future travel.

Hotels & Guesthouses

As we travel in a small group we also aim to select smaller hotels and guesthouses wherever possible. Smaller properties also mean less people sharing common areas such as lobby and dining room. We will rarely book large chain hotels with more than 150 rooms and all hotels and guesthouses being contracted will be following strict hygiene and cleaning procedures to further protect your health and safety offering peace of mind travel. Some of the guidelines we’re working on with our local accommodation partners are:

• Daily deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surface areas inside your room, taking particular care on door handles, telephone, light switches, TV remotes and thermostats.

• That no staff enters your room after it has been cleaned each day.

• Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of public areas, including the possible closure of certain areas (meeting rooms, restaurant, etc) throughout the day to ensure a thorough clean.

• We will continue to request that our small group tour be allocated rooms on the lower levels to minimise use of elevators and time spent travelling in common areas of our accommodation.

• Contactless check-in and check-out and other social distancing protocols be followed at the hotel for the safety of all travelers.

Eating locally

Part of experiencing new cultural experiences is trying out the local cuisine and our tours feature many group dinners so we can immerse ourselves in our destination. We are working closely with our selected restaurants for the maintenance and improvement of health, safety and hygiene standards as well as extra staff training on food preparation and delivery. We will also be requesting that social distancing be observed whenever we enjoy a meal out as group to minimise contact with people outside of our small group. When possible, we will request a private room or outdoor seating and we shall also be avoiding family style or self-serve buffet meals.

Program Leaders and Local Guides

Odyssey’s Program Leaders are always working to provide the group with the best possible experiences, sharing their knowledge and previous travel tales and coordinating with our local tour guide and tour company so everything runs safely and smoothly. They have 24/7 connection with our head office and local tour company and act quickly to sure everyone is safe and enjoying their travels.

Your Tour Leader is responsible for your safety and enjoyment of the tour, and to do so they:

• They are trained in First Aid, CPR and other safety protocols training and always carry a well-stocked first aid kit and hand sanitiser to share with the group while out touring.

• They have direct access to our head office, 24/7 as well as to our local operators so any situation can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

• They can organise trip changes to ensure the safety and health of the group. Any changes in travel arrangements are organised with the approval of Odyssey Traveller and local tour operator. • They can assist with calling a local doctor or finding the closest clinic should you feel unwell. They will also request that you stay at the accommodation until feeling better and/or getting medical clearance that it is safe to re-join our small group.

• They will be provided with the latest health guidelines for all the travel destinations being visited.

• They are well travelled and are familiar with the local culture and customs and will assist the group in navigating through busy areas and avoid any large group of people and crowds whenever possible.

• They are be able to suggest local reputable restaurants for independent meals during your holiday (lunch and dinner not part of the tour itinerary)to enhance your travel experience.

• They will wear and distribute face masks where required by local health authorities. Face masks supplies may be limited, so we encourage you to plan ahead and also bring your own reusable face mask(s).

• They will carry your travel insurance policy information, should you require contacting your insurer while out with the group.

Solo Travellers

Travelling solo does not mean travelling alone. You will be with a group of like-minded people and can enjoy the freedom of spending alone time when you wish or stay with your group of fellow traveller friends and enjoy extra activities together on your holiday. Our Program Leader is also available to assist and share their time and knowledge with our solo traveller(s).

If you wish we can pair you with someone of the same gender or you can select to book a Single Room so you can have your own room at all accommodations. In many locations, our hotel partners will be booking a room with a double bed for our solo traveller clients, providing that extra comfort and space for you to rest after a long day of exploring.

Before you book

If you have any questions about our amazing itineraries and group travel you can call us for a chat, use our online chat function on our website or send us an email to or through our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions so you can plan your future travel with confidence.

We can assist you with information about the destination(s), sightseeing activities, travel insurance and we are also able to book your flight overseas.

If you have an existing booking we are available to talk about your future departure and assist with any other plan(s) you may have relating to your holiday including flight and trip changes.

We welcome travel agent bookings, contact us directly for more information if you are a travel agent on how to book our small group tours.

Some of our Small Group Tours

Field of Rosy Everlasting wildflowers growing in Western Australia.

Wildflowers tour of Western Australia

Escorted small group tour for senior and mature travellers as a couple of solo traveller. Upto 12 people of WA’s Wildflower regions including Esperance and the Fitzgerald river National park. Local guides and program leader share knowledge about this fascinating region whilst in bloom.

Departing Aug, Sep, Oct

Small group tour of New Zealand's North island

Escorted 13 day small group tour of the East coast of New Zealand’s North island. Off the beaten track, for like minded people curious about history, culture, wine and landscapes. Your tour director and local guides share their knowledge with you the traveller on this New Zealand tour for senior travellers.

13 days
Departing May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov

Small group tour of outback Queensland

To Dubbo and back, this small group tour takes you to learn about the Brewarrina fish traps, we travel high up into North Queensland to see the Dinosaurs of Winton and incredible Aboriginal rock art at Cathedral gorge and learn about opal mining and the history of Lightning ridge.

Departing Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun
Coastline near Killiekrankie Flinders Island

Small group tour of Flinders Island

Explore and learn about Flinders Island on an escorted small group tour for mature and senior travellers who enjoy a walking holiday. For couples or solo travellers. We also explore Cradle Mountain and Launceston.

9 days
Departing Nov, Jan, Mar, Apr
Sunset at Mt.Ngauruho, New Zealand Walking tour

Small group walking tour of New Zealand

Escorted 14 day small group walking tour of New Zealand.  Off the beaten track, for hiking fit like minded people curious about history, culture wine and landscapes.  For mature couples and solo travellers, walk tracks from the Bay of Islands to Stewart Island.

14 days
Departing Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar
Mungo National Park

Escorted small group tour of World Heritage sites and more in the Southern States 

Discover the World Heritage Sites of the southern states of Australia travelling in a small group tour. A journey of learning around the southern edges of the Murray Darling basin and up to the upper southern part of this complex river basin north of Mildura. We start and end in Adelaide, stopping in Broken Hill, Mungo National Park and other significant locations.

Departing Sep, Oct, Feb, Mar, May, Aug

Small group tour; Broken Hill and back

 Small group tour of New South Wales, Queensland & South Australia deserts, from Broken Hill. Learn about the history of the people who explored the deserts, from indigenous communities to Europeans, as well as Burke and Wills, visit White Cliffs, Birdsville, Maree.

Departing Sep, Oct, Mar, Apr
Dingo, Oodnadatta Track

Small group tour of Australia's Flinders ranges

Escorted small group tour of the Flinders range in South Australia from Adelaide. Learn about Coober Pedy, Wilpena pound and water system of Lake Eyre as we explore and learn also about the history of the people who explored the Flinders.

Departing May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Feb, Mar, Apr
Bungle Bungles

Small group tour of Australia's Kimberley

Escorted small group tour of the Kimberley. We explore and visit Cape Leveque, The Bungles, Bell Gorge, Mitchell plateau & Halls Creek in the dry season. Amazing landscapes intertwined with Aboriginal communities resident more than 45,000 years. We also view the Wolfe Creek meteorite crater.

Departing May, Aug, Sep

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance, including cancellation cover at the time you book your holiday. Travel insurance policy are evolving due to the recent elevated travel restrictions but we’re here to assist you with your travel plan and in finding the best fit for your booking. Travel insurance is essential when travelling locally and internationally be it independently or as part of a small group escorted tour. You can also check with your credit card issuer if they offer insurance and what is the level of cover for their travel insurance policy.

Booking your next trip

For more information regarding our small group tour booking terms and conditions, including final payment information, cancellation policy, cancellation fee(s) and our peace of mind travel COVID-19 policy click through here.

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