Easing the journey for crossing international borders

With international border restrictions for senior couples and mature solo travellers being constantly updated, Odyssey is here to help.

The list of requirements to travel internationally has changed and will continue to change for several years as a consequence of the pandemic. Odyssey is here to assist you in managing your way through these requirements.

When booking an Odyssey Traveller small group tour to assist you through this list of requirements when travelling across International borders an indicative pre-departure checklist to assist you with your departure is part of our service to you. Whether inbound to Europe or Outbound to Australia or New Zealand, Odyssey Traveller will provide as part of its service to you, an indicative checklist and links to websites to assist you with your departure and then return home.

We remain committed to supporting you when you travel on a small group tour with us. Being travel-ready to leave and return with some help from us ensures your tours and vacation remain as interesting as they can be as a worry-free organised traveller.

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