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British Isles

British Isles

Discover Great Britain and Ireland | Small Group Tours British Isles.

Packed to the brim with history, culture, and striking scenery, Great Britain and Ireland have a lot to offer the traveller. Our small group tour of the British isles are perfect for the mature or senior traveller who wants to explore Britain and Ireland as part of an intimate guided tour with an expert local guide. From walking tours of England Scotland and Ireland to tracing the Industrial revolution, you can explore Britain on a tour with Odyssey. We take in the must-see sights, while nonetheless offering experiences that venture off the beaten path on Odyssey Travellers collection of British tours.


Channel Islands

Sark Isthmus, Channel Islands UK


England village tour


Northern Ireland

Belfast - Northern Ireland


Scotland history - Urquhart Castle


Wales coastline

Seemingly tucked away in the corner of the world, the British Isles nonetheless exert a world-wide influence that belies their small size. English literature buffs familiar with Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or the Romantic Poets will relish Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, the Lake District, and Bath, while amateur historians will enjoy visits to medieval castles, the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. In Scotland, experience the local culture – ‘neeps and tatties’, the Edinburgh military tattoo, and local whiskey; while in Wales, enjoy our walking tour of its unjustly neglected coastline.

Across the St George’s Channel (Irish sea), our visits to Dublin take in Ireland’s tangible historical remnants – the Book of Kells, O’Connell Street, and St Patrick’s Cathedral – in order to understand its turbulent history. We also offer a trip off the beaten path to see Northern Ireland, including the Giant’s Causeway. And wherever we are, our itinerary always takes time to journey into the British Isles spectacular scenery: England’s Cotswold and quaint villages; Snowdonia National Park in Wales; the Scottish highlands and Loch Lomond; and Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher and Killarney National Park (on the Ring of Kerry). For those mature and senior travellers seeking a small group tour of the British isles and small group tours of Ireland and Scotland 2020 – 2021 we offer over 100 departures from our small group tour of the British isles collection each year.

Odyssey’s tours to Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales are all an escorted tour with a tour manager often accompanied by a knowledgeable local tour guide. Whether your are on a Ireland tour for the first time or a Scotland tour heading for the Scottish highlands, our tour director will have the itinerary for your sightseeing tour planned out. If you are on walking tours of England Scotland and Ireland, then on this walking holiday your tour manager will have the coach ready for ready for the hike into the countryside, over rolling hills, pausing in quaint villages for lunch. We enjoy preparing for each tour to ensure whatever small group tour or walking holiday you choose that we have prepared for your trip.

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