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Iran tours

The history and monuments of ancient Iran

Visiting Iran | Small group tours Iran Women visit a carpet store in Shiraz, Iran. Throughout history, Iran’s position in the centre of the famous Silk Road has seen it crisscrossed by travellers, traders and…

10 Oct 19 · 19 mins read
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Inside the Vank Cathedral, Isfahan, Iran

Questions about Iran for senior travellers.

Explore and learn about on a small group tour of Iran its ancient history in Persopolis. Study its Mosques and the garden design. Explore Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz with like minded travellers.

5 Aug 19 · 2 mins read
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Bagan Myanmar

Latest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Latest UNESCO World Heritage Sites As of July 2019, there are 1,121 official UNESCO World Heritage sites, with 30 brand-new sites added this year. A World Heritage Site can be a man-made (cultural heritage) or…

11 Jul 18 · 8 mins read
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Jerash jordan

The Jerash Ruins (Gerasa), Jordan

Jerash in northern Jordan is noted for its well-preserved Roman ruins, one of the largest in the world.

16 Feb 24 · 8 mins read
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Islam in the Mediterranean

Islam in the Mediterranean

Article discusses the arrival of Islam in Mediterranean region with a focus on Istanbul and Turkey. The relationship to the merchants of Venice and the crusades should also be considered in this period of change. Join a Odyssey Traveller small group educational tour for senior couples and mature solo travellers to learn more.

13 May 22 · 12 mins read
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Hiking daypack

What to pack for holidays

For mature solo and senior travelers what to pack for holidays in a post Covid-19 environment is packed with suggestions. Article for small group tour travellers to Europe or outback Australia to assist with packing advice for general trips and walking tours.

6 Aug 21 · 7 mins read
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Discover Oman

Visiting Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a country of diverse natural beauties and fascinating human history. Oman boasts medieval forts and watchtowers, Bedouin villages, spectacular fjords, bustling markets, date palm plantations, and sand dunes.

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Iran Culture and History Escorted Small Group Tour for seniors

17 days

Sep, Nov, Apr

Iran Culture and History Escorted Small Group Tour for seniors

Visiting Iran

Unlike its neighbours to the west and northwest, Iran had not adopted Christianity and it was the explosive spread of Islam and its ready adoption, without the Arabic language or customs, which helped unite the culture and greatly enrich Persian heritage. This small group tour program includes the great cities of Iran, historic sites, mosques, gardens, bazaars and teahouses for couples and solo travellers.

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Ancient History of Jordan

9 days

Jan, Oct

Ancient History of Jordan | Escorted Small Group Tour

Visiting Jordan

Explore Jordan, visiting its capital city, Amman Jordan, the ancient Desert Castles, Petra and the Dead Sea on a small group package tour for mature and senior travellers travelling as a couple or Solo.

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