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Couple Walking Odyssey Traveller

Graceful Ageing: Tips to Counter Age-Related Muscle Loss

Graceful Ageing: Tips to Counter Age-Related Muscle Loss We experience a lot of physical and mental changes as we grow older, but one of the most insidious of these changes is a common condition called…

10 Nov 19 · 7 mins read
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Women explorers

Five Female Explorers

Five Female Explorers and their Adventures There are many female explorers who have been forgotten or are not as widely remembered as their male counterparts–Gertrude Bell, for example, has been overshadowed by her male colleague,…

8 Apr 19 · 12 mins read
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Bagan Myanmar

Latest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Latest UNESCO World Heritage Sites As of July 2019, there are 1,121 official UNESCO World Heritage sites, with 30 brand-new sites added this year. A World Heritage Site can be a man-made (cultural heritage) or…

11 Jul 18 · 8 mins read
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Top 20 World Heritage Sites You Must Visit

Top 20 world heritage sites you must visit In a recently published list, the British Foreign Office identified more than 60 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that it deemed too dangerous to visit. Political instability in…

4 May 18 · 2 mins read
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Yazd Iran towards the mountain

30 places not to miss when visiting Iran

A list of 30 must-see places in Iran Holidays in Iran are regarded by many travellers as an unforgettable experience. Not only is it the ancient history, but also a collection of truly diverse beautiful…

12 Sep 17 · 4 mins read
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