Taking a small group tour?

Thinking about taking small group tours? A small group trip for your next holiday/vacation is a terrific way to meet like-minded travellers. By small group tours, these are groups of […]

3 Nov 16 · 3 mins read

Thinking about taking small group tours?

A small group trip for your next holiday/vacation is a terrific way to meet like-minded travellers. By small group tours, these are groups of less than 18 people. Odyssey Traveller has been offering small group tours since 2011. The committed change in group size was a reflection of part of the evolution of the people we look after and their needs when travelling on an educational-based program. 

Benefits of Small Group Tours

Small group tours translate to nimble travel. Everything moves quicker: from loading and unloading coaches, hotel check-in and departure, reaching attractions. As there is less time to wait, there is more time to hear the guides share their knowledge with the traveller. Any traveller, especially the mature and senior traveller, like to feel that when they are touring, the pace is reasonable and time is not wasted just standing around and waiting.

Small group tours also provide flexibility in travel. Often it is simpler to use public transport to reach city centres.  Small coaches permit access into historic  centres to be visited, with parking often close by.

Everyone has a contribution, no-one tends to feel left behind. Odyssey Traveller has a reasonable number of single or solo travellers who take our tours. In a small group, the commonality of interest in a subject is a benefit, but also everyone has a chance to contribute to feel part of the shared experience.

Planned Solutions and Better Value for Money

For Odyssey Traveller's small group tours for mature and senior travellers, the tours are planned out to engage you across a range of subject matter during the day. The experiences and local guides chosen give you a shared knowledge. Then there is opportunity to speak with the guide and the group during shared meals on the tour. Value for money is through our planning skills and inside knowledge of locations visited. This all translates to itineraries  in purchasing power from offering small groups with local companies who understand the small group operations. Combined these all add up to some significant savings to those on a small group tour. Travellers are also given flexibility. Some days are full when needed, and you'll have time to explore other places of interest at your leisure.

Small group tours by Odyssey Traveller are not mainstream tours

For Odyssey Travellers, we seek to make you feel part of a place that you visit. Odyssey Traveller tours work off an itinerary, but not so rigid that the chance to explore and see more is not available to you. There will always be an opportunity to visit extra places of interest or just enjoy people-watching and being immersed in that culture for a period of time.

Odyssey Traveller seeks to keep you close to places of interest that have been selected. This may mean that the accommodation selected is a bit quirky. This choice is preferable to a long days-round trip in a coach to see a place of interest. Of course we also seek to base ourselves typically for three nights in a location to explore and learn from to give you a sense of belonging in a place that constantly being on the move.

Odyssey Traveller believes in immersing yourself in the culture of the place. The experiences, the guides, the local places to stay and meals  taken all contribute to your overall vacation/holiday pleasure.

Select a Tour that Matches Your Interests

At Odyssey Traveller we seek to ensure that our tours about a subject match your interests. Click here to see all of our tours.

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