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Odyssey Traveller has been providing guided educational small group packages for the over 60s since 1983. We are the escorted small group tours educational travel experts for mature and senior travellers exploring the world. An original small group touring co designing and building tour packages for travellers seeking an inclusive holiday package oftewn with extraordinary itineraries for peace of mind travel. Based in Australia we offer a diverse range of the best escorted group tours across the globe, not just an australia tour package, but offering exclusive small group touring to all corners of the world as well coach tours in Australia for seniors . These are typically a small group journey for travelers with a local tour guide to enjoy some of the best guided tour experiences from a rail journey through Siberia to a walking tour along the Camino or an inspiring journey into the Caucasus. Odyssey’s travel programs are with like minded people interested in a holiday package with authentic experiences, often off the beaten track to provide the perfect holiday tour packages for older travelers as couples or joining as a solo traveller. Odyssey however only offers vacation packages to those destiantions where it can provide a unique experience. We do no offer a holiday package that would travel along the East coast of Australia or to Sydney, Cairns or the Great barrier reef. But Odyssey will offer an Australia holiday package that takes you on day tours into Outback Queensland from Dubbo or from Broken hill or out into the Kimberley or from Melbourne out into Victoria, where you learn on a great Australia vacation.

Our small group touring programs are offered all around the world. As a small group touring co we take pride in offering group travel for the British isles, Africa and the Middle East , central Asia and Asia, Australia , New Zealand and central and South America as well as a Europe tour. The company has always been about offering travel packages for smaller groups, a pre-pandemic tour itinerary for us was a small group escorted tour for seniors. We choose and continue to take you to an amazing destination in Morocco , Costa Rica or the South island of New Zealand it is always about a small group journey off the beaten track with like minded people packed with authentic experiences to give you a great holiday. For our collection of international programs our peace of mind policy may also be of interest when considering where you may next destination may be. The peace of mind page outlines our approach to managing your travel experiences in a post pandemic environment to ensure your travel safety.

At Odyssey we listen to your post tour feedback and refresh our escorted programs to continual improve the travelexperience offered on our escorted group tour range at great all-inclusive prices. Odyssey’s escorted small group toursremain conscious of the challenge of the solo traveler whether a man or a women and the single supplement .

We also remember to reward our frequent customers with our own loyalty program from your third small group tourpackage taken with Odyssey you qualify for holiday package deals with increasing levels of discounted pricing.

Travelling in a escorted group tour of typically between 6 to 12 people offers peace of mind, security, shared knowledge, unique access, with a tour leader as well as the camaraderie for the solo traveler and companionship of a small group of like minded people that welcomes the older person as couples or solo traveler who remain keen to learn and explore the world around them.

Riga Old Town - Capital of Latvia
Riga Old Town – Capital of Latvia

If you’re unimpressed by the concept of filing on to coaches en masse or following a guide with an umbrella – that’s definitely not what you’ll find on an Odyssey small group adventure tour! In fact, we think there are plenty of hidden benefits of small group tour packages for the mature traveler in a post pandemic environment.

With less fellow travellers on an escorted small group tour , getting up close and personal to the famous sites is a senior travel benefit on your trip as part of a smaller group. One of the main advantages of small group travel on Europe tour and to the rest of the world is the fact that it is just that, a small nimble group who often get off the beaten track with their fellow traveller to enjoy a small group adventure with a extraordinary itineraries on their trip . You and your fellow travellers will usually be a group of no more than a dozen or so. Unlike other escorted tours, which often take up to 50 passengers per coach tour , your small group tour will offer you a much more personalised experience and more of a chance to get to know your tour leader and fellow passengers. Extended tours may be an option in some places for you and your fellow travellers, or simply pausing at morning tea to reflect on the stunning scenery in a national park whether in the outback of South Australia or England’s lake district. You have flexibility to start early to avoid crowds at famous sites, or to reach the heart of a place because you can use the public transport network or are in smaller coach that can access the areas close to where you wish to visit even in the most medieval of villages unlike a larger group on a big coach. We offer some 200 small group Australia tour package coach tours for seniors plus the vacation package to destinations all around the world each year for a unique travel date that reflects the best time to purchase a vacationpackage. We encourage you to explore our range of upcoming tour experiences for your next trip either direct or via your travel agent .

Panoramic view nature landscape in queen town remarkable and arrowtown south island New Zealand Walking tour
Queenstown, New Zealand

Odyssey Traveller ‘s escorted small group tours operate for a smaller group of 4 travelers to a typical maximum group size of 16 people, they maybe more expensive to purchase than a larger group tour catering for 25 to 50 people, as the larger group benefits from the economies of scale. However, for many retirees’ small group senior travel in a post -pandemic environment creates the travel bubble with a level of care and consideration that cannot be replicated in large group tour . That small group travel option has a personal value that is exceedingly difficult to put a financial value on when considering risk around your health.

An Odyssey Traveller small group escorted tour also seeks to give you a holiday with a genuine authentic experience following the mantra of “small is beautiful”.

Amsterdam tour
Amsterdam tour

Guaranteed escorted small group tours

An Antipodean travel company serving World Travellers since 1983

Morocco tour

20 days

Apr, Oct, Mar

Morocco tour for senior travellers

Visiting Morocco

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Morocco: A Gateway to a world of vibrant colors, cultural diversity, and endless wonder. Join our escorted small group tour designed for senior travellers, whether you're a couple or a solo adventurer, and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Casablanca, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, Marrakech and beyond. Experience the richness of Moroccan traditions and heritage as we explore this enchanting destination.

From $12,901 NZD

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Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland

20 days

Jul, Sep, May, Aug

Scottish Islands and Shetland small group tours for seniors

Visiting Scotland

An escorted small group tour for couples and solo travellers of the Scottish isles including the isle of Skye draws on local guides to share their knowledge of the destinations in this unique part of Scotland. UNESCO world heritage site are visited as breathtaking scenery and authentic experiences are shared in a group of like minded people on this guided tour of remote Scotland.

From $18,077 NZD

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Egypt tour valley of the kings

18 days

Jan, Nov

Egypt tour: escorted small group history & cultural tour of Egypt

Visiting Egypt

Our small group program for senior and mature couples and solo travelers takes us to contemporary feats such as the Aswan Dam and also to current crucibles of the Egyptian experience such as Tahrir Square. Proof, were it needed, that Egypt’s role as the pivot of civilisation is far from ended. There is the opportunity to visit our Morocco, Jordan or Iran tours before embarking on this tour of Egypt.

From $14,022 NZD

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Tour of West Africa - Markets

21 days

May, Sep

Explore the History, Culture & Wildlife of West Africa: Ghana, Togo & Benin

Visiting Benin, Ghana

This small group tour for couples and solo travelers concentrates on the history, culture and wildlife of coastal Central Africa. Meet the friendly local people and come to a greater understanding of just what has made them what they are today.

From $16,236 NZD

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Small Group escorted tour exploring Historic Ireland

18 days

Aug, Apr, Sep

Small Group tours exploring the Treasures of Ireland

Visiting Ireland

An escorted small group tour to Northern Ireland & Ireland, with local guides and itineraries that give authentic experiences Ireland's capital, Dublin, including 1/2 day tour of St Patricks cathedral and Trinity college. Destinations also Aran islands , Kerry plus the world heritage site, the giant's causeway. Ireland tours for singles over 50 and couples.

From $13,659 NZD

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Prehistoric Britain small group history tour

21 days


Prehistoric Britain small group history tour including standing stones

Visiting England, Scotland

This guided tour invites you to explore UNESCO World heritage sites at Skara Brae in the Orkneys, Isle of Skye, and Stonehenge in a prehistoric tour. This escorted tour has trips to key sites in Scotland, and the Irish sea in Wales such as Gower Peninsula and National Museum in Cardiff and England. Each day tour is supported by local guides.

From $18,137 NZD

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Island of Sicily

12 days

Apr, Oct, Sep

Malta & Sicily - Mediterranean Islands small group tour

Visiting Italy, Malta

For centuries Malta & Sicily, held the key to the Mediterranean. Unlike other European tour companies, Odyssey provides a tour leader and local guides to share detailed itineraries about the destinations on these small group journeys. For mature couples and solo travellers. A reasonable single supplement is charged.

From $10,990 NZD

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Island of Sicily

25 days

Apr, Sep, Oct

Mediterranean Islands Small Group Tour | Malta, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica

Visiting Corsica, Italy

For centuries Malta, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica held the key to the Mediterranean. Unlike other European tour companies, Odyssey provides a tour leader and local guides to share detailed itineraries about the destinations on these small group journeys. This escorted tour of western Mediterranean explores the geography, history, culture and peoples of these 4 islands. Small group tour for mature couples and solo travellers. A reasonable single supplement is charged.

From $21,385 NZD

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Lanterns in Taiwan

11 days


Taiwan Lantern Festival small group tour

Visiting Taiwan

A small group tour for senior couples and solo travellers to Taiwan. Held annually on the first full moon of the lunar calendar, the Lantern Festival is one of the most fascinating festivities around the globe. The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is part of this spectacular Festival. Our Taiwan Lantern Festival program includes Taipei and its Sky Lantern Festival and its impressive Taipei 101 Tower.

From $9,907 NZD

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Odyssey tour types for small group touring

Odyssey offers a variety of small group touring types to suit every traveller. Click on the headings below for a complete list of tours offered for each category.


Escorted small group tour typically 8 to 12 fellow traveller (s) and are typically like- minded people , who with a tour leader discover cities, landscapes, culture & people. They are a group tour typically a journey of of 10 to 23 days, led by a tour guide who is supported by a cast of local knowledgeable guides. The perfect small group adventure tour, with a planned itinerary that stays 2-3 nights in each selected location to explore and learn.


A collection of guided small group tours that are focused on spending more time, often in single locations. This type of escorted tour is about exploring and learning about particular subjects or period in history. With the support of the tour leader, and a specialist local guide they share their learnings with the smaller group of travelers . A specialist guided tour from Odyssey include, Dinosaurs, arts and literature, architecture and archaeology.

Long Stays

Odyssey Traveller ’s long stay escorted tour in major cities are a holiday, where this group of fellow traveller stay in one place enjoying for at least a week and up to 21 days of accommodation without the need to repack. This type of group travel give us a chance to create meaningful connections with like- minded people in our chosen destination, and ample time to enjoy and contemplate our shared travel experience. Instead of rushing from one destination to another, in thrall to the timed itinerary. An extended stay small group tour gives the traveller a chance to truly immerse themselves in a city, enjoying a deeper understanding of its history and culture. Coupled with our small group approach in adventure travel, this also minimises our impact on the environment and local infrastructure, allowing us to use public transport and/or a small coach or shuttle, or go on a walking tour without subjecting locals to visual pollution.

Hiking & Walking

An Odyssey walking tour is built around a journey through landscapes to places of cultural and historical significance. This escorted group tour is typically a group size of 6 to 14 like minded people. Learning is provided by an Odyssey tour Leader and a knowledgeable local tour guide with stories to share. You will explore popular walking trails and enjoy views usually not seen by regular travelers passing through on big groups. You also have the flexibility on a Odyssey group tour of joining all walks or taking time off to explore on your own as well.


This is an escorted small group tour about the history of garden and planting design. Gardens of influence are visited and explored supported by day tours with a knowledgeable tour guide with a awareness of the history of design and plants to share. Small groups of 6 to 12 like- minded people explore the gardens of Europe and beyond for couples or the single traveller.

Music & Performing Arts

Small groups with a maximum group size of 12 like- minded people with a specialist tour Leader and relevant expert tour guide (s) enjoy a diverse range of music and performing arts programs typically across Europe. Odyssey seeks out programs that reflects historic performances of significance or the new up and coming performers for the future for your listening pleasure. Immerse yourself in Music and the best of performing arts with our selection of specialised tours.

Rail Journeys

A different way to explore a new destination. Take a rail journey across unique landscapes and historical settings travelling in a small groups of 6 to 12 like- minded people . Odyssey’s rail programs, take regular multi-night stay in places of significance to be explored with knowledgeable guides with stories to share.

Summer Schools

Our collection of week-long learning programs offered each January in Hobart, Tasmania. Courses are refreshed for each year’s programs. Classes are limited to 15 people. Over the last twenty-five years, Odyssey’s small group Summer School Program has given countless travellers an unforgettable educational and travel experience. Each summer, we prepare and offer fun and challenging special interest courses and programs designed to give travellers the options and opportunity to learn about history, religion, Australian culture, and the arts, among many other topics.

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Rome at Sunset with San Pietro basilica, Sant'Angelo bridge and Tevere river in Roma, Italy

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Deciding on which tour company to choose maybe difficult, personal recommendation is a good start. At Odyssey Traveller we have been providing small group tours to mature and senior travellers couples and solo travellers since 1983 to places all around the world.

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Scotland history - Urquhart Castle

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Solo travel can be daunting as apart of a life change process. This article shares some the benefits of travel groups for solo travellers. We have been looking after mature and senior travellers since 1983 we offer a range of tour types from Discovery tours to long stay and walking tours.

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Things to know

Joining a small group

Getting Around

Odyssey travels on its escorted small group tours typically by coach of a suitable configuration for the group size in a post pandemic environment. When appropriate and occasion the group uses local transport and trains to make rail journeys, ferries and planes to enable you to reach your destination as per the itinerary.

For the traveler, you make your own way to the start of the small group tour picking your domestic of international flights, then from the first day Odyssey manages the travel logistics for you small group journey all the way to the final day. Meaning that from the begining to the end of the tour, Odyssey manages the tour itinerary. Travel specifics are always outlined in your tour itinerary for your escorted group tour.


In major cities our Odyssey group stays in centrally located well appointed hotels, with easy access to public transport. In smaller towns or rural areas, we seek to choose accommodation that is family-run hotels or guesthouses with some appeal. On our long stay tours, during which we spend the length of the tour in a single location, we use serviced apartments for accommodation where available. For the single traveller a single supplement is charged to cover the cost of solo occupancy in a typically twin bedded room. There are no other charges made for the solo traveller on a small group tour.

Tour Guides

Odyssey always engage a good local guide with regional knowledge to ensure authentic experiences as part of your small group travel itinerary. With like minded people we seek to bring in guide who deliver authentic experiences with some passion about the subject and learning for the day. Enabling you and your fellow traveller to learn as much as possible about the history and culture of places you visit for the perfect holiday.

Reading Lists

For every tour we also list recommended books related to the destination or theme of the tour for you to enjoy before departing on your guided small group tour.

We also provide detailed preparatory material with information about local history, geography, currency and weather.

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