The Best of the Scottish Islands

Scottish Islands

Guided Tours of Scotland and its Islands

Whether you are tracing your ancestry, chasing the romance, landscapes, or wildlife of the Scottish Islands, our carefully crafted educational tour will paint Scotland in a whole new light. From understanding the Celts or early settlement of Britain, to pursuing your passion for standing stones, island-hop via ferries. On previous tours, with our network of locals, Odyssey has helped reconnect travellers residing in Australia and New Zealand to their ancestral homes on the isles.

Over 20 days, a local guide will take you to the best of the Scottish Islands, including:

The Island of Arran

Machrie Moor Stones on The Island of Arran

Purchased from the Vikings after the Battle of Largs, the isle of Arran is sometimes referred to as “mini Scotland”. The dramatic landscape is a feast for the senses; from its mountain peaks to rolling hills, distilleries, and castles, the isle is known for outdoor activities and gustatory delights.

Isle of Mull

Tobermory Village on the Island of Mull

A kaleidoscope of colours adorns the sparkling waterfront. The Island of Mull boasts incredible topography, intriguing heritage sites, and wildlife encounters at every turn. Indulge in local seafood as you soak in the idyllic coastline or explore the isle on a pony trek.

Isle of Skye

Sunrise at Quiraing, Isle of Skye

Explore the limestone grasslands and majestic volcanic plateaus as clouds of mist roll by.  Learn about the clan heritage of the second largest Scottish Island. Mother Nature’s splendour will take your breath away —  truly, this is Scotland’s highlands at its best.

Harris & Lewis

Stornoway Harbour, Isle of Lewis

Scotland’s version of the Stonehenge? The Callanish Standing Stones dating back to the Neolithic age on the Isle of Lewis. Uncover Gaelic culture and learn more about the role of tweed on these narrowly-separated charming islands.

Orkney Islands


Stromness Village in the Orkney Islands

Step back in time on Orkney Isle with its expansive historical treasures. Recognised for its prehistoric sites and rich marine bird life, learn about the Nordic influences despite the isle’s proximity to mainland Scotland.

Shetland Islands

Lerwick Town Center, Shetland

Encounter a diversity of wildlife in the Shetlands, or catch the Northern Lights during winter. Satisfy your stomach with the freshest seafood from where the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea meet. Walk down memory lane via the sea-front ruins and monuments. There is bound to be something that catches your fancy on this isle close to the Norwegian coast.


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Our Scottish Isles tour which runs thrice annually (May, July, September) is one of some 140 small group tours that Odyssey offers each year. Our tours around Scotland’s capital continually delights our groups (6-18 pax) of mature travellers.

Small group tours for senior travellers

Odyssey Traveller is famous for our small groups, and we average eight participants per tour. Our maximum group size is eighteen people, which ensures quality, flexibility and care that is tailored to our clients. We specialise in small group tours for the senior traveller who is seeking adventure or is curious about the world we live in. Typically, our clients begin travelling with us from their mid 50’s onward. But be prepared to meet fellow travellers in their 80s and beyond! Both couples and solo travellers are very welcome on our tours.

About Odyssey Traveller

Odyssey Traveller is committed to charitable activities that support the environment and cultural development of Australian and New Zealand communities. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that since 2012, Odyssey has been awarding $10,000 Equity & Merit Cash Scholarships each year. We award scholarships on the basis of academic performance and demonstrated financial need. We award at least one scholarship per year. We’re supported through our educational travel programs, and your participation helps Odyssey achieve its goals.

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