Madagascar: For the Curious

Madagascar small group tour

Madagascar: For the Curious A stunning combination of jungles, beaches, and reefs, biodiversity awaits at every turn, thanks to its geographical isolation off the East coast of Africa. An abundance of wildlifeRead more

Senior Odyssey Travellers Aid Others in Pursuing their Dreams Senior Odyssey Travellers have enjoyed educational touring programs since 1983. In 2012, the organisation began providing scholarships to eligible university students across Australia and New Zealand. …

Thinking about taking small group tours? A small group trip for your next holiday/vacation is a terrific way to meet like-minded travellers. By small group tours, these are groups ofRead more

Mature  and Senior travel tour packages Mature and Senior travel tour packages are ready book typically for 2 years out on  line Each December and January for a period of time youRead more

Italian small group tours

San Gimignanao, Tuscany

Italian small group tours Heritage Italy – by Jenny Weire Italy is a very beautiful country with a wealth of culture and history. I am passionate about the country andRead more

Security on Your Odyssey Travel From phone transactions to travel documents, connectivity has made travelling so much easier. But it has also made security a tad tougher. Fortunately, Odyssey hasRead more