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Articles about Georgia

A Map of the Ancient Silk Road

Books to read about the Silk Road | Guide for Senior Travellers

Best books to read about the Silk Road – a list for senior travellers The linking of Asia to Europe via Eurasia for conquest and trade since at least 120BC is a unique part of…

30 May 18 · 2 mins read
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Affordable small group tours with Odyssey Alumni

Walking tours for active travellers – tips for seniors

For the active mature and senior traveller be they a couple or solo traveller this article outlines preparation for walking tours even for the over 80's. It may on the Wainwright, the lake district or a pilgrims walk across Europe or St James Way, the Camino. This artices give advice on getting fit, shoes and socks including for particular advice for women on this topic.

14 Jan 21 · 6 mins read
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Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia

Discovering Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Travellers

Learn before visiting Georgia on a small group escorted tour for mature and senior travellers as a couple or solo about the key places to visit. Understand the influence of the Christianity from Armenia, Islam and its mosques and the Ottoman empire influences, all of which are pre Soviet.

24 Sep 20 · 9 mins read
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Gergeti Trinity church Tsminda Sameba , Georgia

Questions About Georgia for senior travellers

Escorted small group tour of Georgia for senior and mature travellers. Learn about the history, the nations of the Caucasus region and visit Tbilisi.

8 Sep 19 · 2 mins read
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Clothes began in Georgia | History of clothing

Clothes began in Georgia | History of clothing

For small group tour of mature and senior travellers touring Europe, this article provides an insight into the origin of textiles and fabric from Georgia in the Caucasus, to the Roman Empire and Southern Italy and Rome through to the industrial revolution of Britain.

4 Oct 19 · 7 mins read
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Among the Mountains: A Guide to the Nations of the Caucasus

Article that introduces the Caucasus to the mature and senior traveller with a small group tour to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The influence of Iran and the Ottomans as well as early Christianity are seen with this escorted group for couples and solo travellers.

25 Oct 19 · 10 mins read
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Ikalto monastery, Georgia

History and legend in the landscapes of Georgia

Georgia, part of the Soviet empire, but its history is far more central to the birth of Christianity than a few decades of Soviet rule. This small group tour of the Caucasus explores Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as Georgia to set the historical framework for this region. The tour is suited for mature and senior travellers travelling as a couple or as a solo traveller.

30 Oct 19 · 11 mins read
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Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

Explore and learn about Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia on a small group tour of the Caucasus for mature and senior travellers couples and solo travellers. A city with with plenty of history from the Romans to the Ottoman empire. Understand how the physical boundary of the Caucasus mountains repelled invaders and shaped the culture.

27 Feb 20 · 5 mins read
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Gergeti Trinity church Tsminda Sameba , Georgia

Visiting Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Learn about the physical role the Caucasus mountains have played in shaping the history of the region. Join a small group tour for mature and senior travellers couples and solo travellers to explore and understand the fascinating and intertwined history of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan including the origins of Christianity. in amongst the mosques of Islam.

4 Oct 19 · 18 mins read
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Small group tours to Georgia

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Katskhi pillar. Georgian landmarks. Man's monastery near the village of Katskhi. The orthodox church and the abbot cell on a rocky cliff. Imereti, Georgia. Georgian Meteora

22 days

Oct, May

Small Group Tour to the Caucasus | Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia

Visiting Armenia, Azerbaijan

This small group program is designed to give people an opportunity to explore Tbilisi, Baku, Yerevan as well as important monuments, historical and religious sites, diverse landscapes and ancient architecture by visiting the Caucasus Mountains and the lowlands of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Led by local English speaking guides, there will be the opportunity to meet local people.

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