Arctic circle tour

A 40 day small group tour for senior couples and mature solo travellers interested in exploring the Arctic circle. The group with a program leader explores Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The tour makes use of the long summer night light for your enjoyment learning about viking history and trade and the Sami.

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  1. 1. Learn about the Sammi people
  2. 2. Explore the Faroe Islands and their unique place in the Atlantic

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26 May 2025

Ends 04 July 2025

$40,805 Twin

$45,339 Single

25 May 2026

Ends 03 July 2026

$42,846 Twin

$47,607 Single


Scandinavia, Faroe Island Greenland Iceland tour

This is a 40 night small group tour for senior couples or solo travellers, seeking to explore and learn about the North Atlantic ocean and the historic settlement, of not only the North sea, but the arctic circle region, through to Greenland. The scenery is national geographic quality and here the three dominant regions and countries of Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland as well the stunning Faroe Island (Faeroe islands) are explored. Accompanied by your program leader, (tour director) supported by knowledgeable local guides, the Nordic culture and history of the Viking age is explored. This though is not a cruise, it is a tour using small coaches for a group of likeminded people, with a maximum group size of 14 people.

The program commences in Reykjavik Iceland and finishes in Helsinki, Finland

The outer reaches of the North Atlantic are explored with its its shipping history, linking contemporary North America shipping across the Atlantic ocean from New York to the British isles and the port of Liverpool. We learn about the Nordic culture and the founding of the eastern settlement on Norse Greenland, as well as the UNESCO world heritage site of Iceland. Debate and consideration will be interesting as we consider those 8th century explorers heading out from the Nordic region across Baltic Sea and the upper reaches of the North Sea into the unexplored and unknown North Atlantic. The woollen sails pushing these clinker style, small wooden boats across the harsh oceans, for trade and the foundation of Norse settlements.

Of course, the natural wonders and physical beauty of the fjords, glaciers, and newly formed volcanic landscapes and an occasional lava field are not overlooked on Iceland. We follow the golden circle, exploring the national park network, as we travel the ring road. We spend time examining the museum of Iceland. Our days spent visiting Iceland commence on the south shore and the trip evolves as a well-paced day tour collection to the likes of Vatnajökull national park and Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and the famous blue lagoon and its hot spring. On Greenland, we spend time exploring the archaeological history of the Viking age on west rather than east Greenland.

This small group tour continues to the west and Faroe Islands. The Faeroe Islands are an isolated place, full also of natural wonders and more than one incredible waterfall. The Faroe Islands though, are fundamentally important in the Norse settlement record. Leaving the Baltic sea, it was head to the Faeroe Islands, re-stock and turn left for Scotland, Ireland and England, or continue to Greenland and Iceland (and occasionally the Newfoundland coast of North America) in advance of Columbus.

Almost half of this Scandinavian tour is up in the arctic circle exploring in the long summer night, with a local guide, the regions that make Northern Norway, Sweden and Finland scenic Scandinavia. Here in the arctic circle, the Vikings and Sami history and s, becomes reality as its history is explored. We will visit the famous Christiansborg palace and Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen, the Lapland in the in northernmost Sweden and Finland and the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway.

Individual Scandinavia tours and tour or Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Island.

For senior travellers from Australia, New Zealand and North America this long tour of the Arctic circle can also be taken as a individual tour with a dedicated tour director as part of group of 14 people throughout the Summer as well as tours that include the Baltic States. As well a winter Scandinavian tour that takes the traveller in to the Arctic circle to possibly enjoy the Northern lights (aurora borealis) is offered. All these tours also include the Northern capitals, though exclude Santa Claus.


40 days

Day 1-40: Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Norway, Sweden Finland

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Includes / Excludes

What’s included in our Tour

  • 40 nights of hotel accommodation.
  • 40 breakfasts, 10 lunches and 30 dinners.
  • Transport in comfortable and modern coaches with a driver guide.
  • All excursions, entrance fees as per itinerary.
  • Services of a Tour Leader for the duration of tour.
  • Service charges and gratuities.
  • Detailed preparatory information.

What’s not included in our Tour

  • International airfares and departure taxes.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Items of a personal nature such as telephone calls and laundry.
Level 2 - Moderate

Participants must be able to carry their own luggage, climb and descend stairs, be in good health, mobile and able to participate in 3-5 hours of physical activity per day, the equivalent of walking / hiking up to 8 kilometers per day on uneven ground.

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