Understanding Petra

Ancient History of Jordan
Burckhardt's Journal describes the discovery of Petra. This ancient ruin is a feature for mature and senior travellers on an Odyssey small group package tour of Jordan for couples and singles.  The group learn and explore Petra as part of the overall program examining the ancient history of the middle east and trade that linked all the way through to the Silk road.
Each January Odyssey offers typically a fortnight of classes in Hobart, Tasmania in a classroom setting on a range of topics. The classes are small typically up to 15 retirees sharing a passion and enthusiasm for what their interests maybe. Our students are often regular attendees to Hobart having made lasting associations on our collection of Small group tours  or exploring what a Odyssey program is like before travelling with us.
For the active mature and senior traveller be they a couple or solo traveller this article outlines preparation for walking tours even for the over 80's. It may on the Wainwright, the lake district  or a pilgrims walk across Europe or St James Way, the Camino.  This artices give advice on getting fit, shoes and socks including for particular advice for women on this topic.
Aboriginal communities had the ability to harvest fish some 20,000+ years ago. Creating major centres of trade and cultural exchange, and supported permanent communities. Discover and learn more on a escorted small group tour to Victoria, South Australia & Queensland.

The History of Cardiff The city of Cardiff is the capital of Wales, surrounded by beautiful scenery at its location on the Bristol Channel at the mouth of the River Taff. From its historical humble beginnings…