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Habsburg Tour: The Art and Music explored

From the medieval jewel of Cesky Krumlow to the grandeur of the Habsburg’s summer palace in Vienna, this small group tour takes us on an unforgettable journey to learn about these vibrant and artistically rich cities. We delve into the history of the famous artists, musicians, writers, architects and composers from Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Over the course of this educational tour, we also attend musical performances in each city and inspect significant art collections. This Habsburg art and music small group tour is for those who love art, architecture and Europe's cultural history.


Our small group tour begins in the capital of Austria, Vienna, which has long been an important cultural and artistic centre. The city has attracted musicians from Mozart and Haydn to Strauss. It houses some of the world's great art collections from the old Flemish masters to Klimt and the Expressionists. Here, we experience the city's great artistic and musical culture with a lecture on the History of Music. We enjoy a walking tour of Vienna with a local guide. Here we learn about the environment that gave us its music, those who composed it, and how they lived, all against the dominant background of their relationship with their patrons, the Habsburgs.

While in Vienna, we also see the icons of the city. These include the sights made famous by the city's many composers as well as view its magnificent architecture. There is the imposing Schonbrunn Palace, Stadthof, the Johann Strauss Memorial and St. Stephan's Cathedral in the heart of the old city.

We also visit Zentral Friedhof (the Vienna Central Cemetery) to view the graves of Beethoven and Schubert. The municipality of Vienna expressed gratitude to composers by granting them monumental tombs. Among others buried here are Antonio Salieri (the evil genius of the film Amadeus), Johann Strauss the older, Johannes Brahms and Johann Strauss the younger. In addition, we also view the Vienna State Opera House, dating back to the mid-19th century.

Budapest, Krakow, and Prague

After our time in Vienna, we head to Budapest, with several stops en route. We explore Esztergom, the centre of the Catholic faith in Hungary and the country's medieval capital dominated by a huge Basilica; Visegrad with its Renaissance Palace of King Matthias with superb views over the river; and Szentendre, once a royal stronghold and still a thriving artistic centre where a myriad of galleries and artist shops thrives in the pretty 17th century baroque, rococo and Louis XVI houses. From here, we travel to Krakow, Poland, then Prague and Cesky Krumlow in the Czech Republic. Our escorted tour concludes back in Vienna.

Other highlights of our Habsburg tour

Other highlights of this educational Habsburg art and music tour include the chance to visit the houses of the great composers such as Mozart and Liszt. We'll see their original compositions and musical instruments. We also gain a feel for the Cold War when we cross the Charles Bridge, symbol of the era. And we have the opportunity to go underground and tour Krakow’s salt mines, a Jules Verne experience considered the most usual in modern tourism. This small group tour also features a performance at the Hungarian State Opera, where we hear a symphony featuring the works of the dynasty’s great composers. Finally, we also explore the wonders of Schonbrunn Palace, home to the Habsburgs during the height of the dynasty.

You can learn more about Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland with our country profiles where all other tour departures are listed as well.

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