Guided Motorcycle tours of Australia

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Motorcycle Tours of Australia

Guided Motorcycle tours of Australia

Odyssey Traveller offers fully guided motorcycle tours as well as independent motorcycle holiday experiences across all of Australia. The collection of motorbike trip offered to the mature and senior traveller falls into three types;

  • The motorbike tour that runs in parallel with a escorted small group tour offered by Odyssey.
  • Guided motorcycle tours with a tour leader and several other riders who follow a small group tour program.
  • The third option is a private tour using GPS and minimal support from Odyssey to enjoy a self guided tour.
An Antipodean travel company serving World Travellers since 1983

Guided Motorcycle tours of Australia for mature and senior travellers

Guided small group Motorcycle tours of Western New South Wales

Motorcycle tours of  Western New South Wales. Discover the the Brewarrina fish traps, Aboriginal art at Mt Garrett and sleep underground in White Cliffs. This small group also visits the World Heritage Site of Mungo man and ladystopping in Mungo National Park and other significant locations such as Broken Hill. 

Departing Oct, Mar, May, Jul, Sep

Small group Motorcycle tours; Broken Hill and back

 Small group tour of New South Wales, Queensland & South Australia deserts, from Broken Hill. Learn about the history of the people who explored the deserts, from indigenous communities to Europeans, as well as Burke and Wills, visit White Cliffs, Birdsville, Maree.

Departing Oct, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Enjoying a unique motorcycle tour

Odyssey Traveller has assembled a collection of unique motorcycle tours for your riding experience in Australia. The type of motorcycle trip offered is between 7 to 21 days whichever of the three different tour type suits you trip to Australia. Our knowledge and experience of the Australian outback allows us to offer to you some of the best locations to visit on a motorcycle tour as well as experiences from breathtaking scenery to learning and appreciating the Aboriginal timeline that runs back to possibly over 120,000 years of settlement and the two hundred years of British and European history. For Odyssey the best riding experience is far from the crowded highways. It is knowing how to share with you the stunning scenery of the diverse landscapes of the outback with stories.

Australia is a big empty continent to explore, once several hours from a major metro then a population of 50 people begins to seem like a major settlement when you arrive to re-fuel and take a break. This is simply riding through stunning scenery where the landforms start as dot on the horizon to become something substantial, where Emus may choose to race you alongside the road or a solitary tree with shade becomes the oasis under which to draw breath and reflect on the triptaken.

The days are long, simply because this is a big country! The riding experience is very different from that of the leading riding experience of Europe whether in Spain, Italy or France, or down to Morocco or riding in New Zealand. The outback even on the unsealed roads is often straight for tens of kilometres at a time, the topography undulating and the gaps between settlements significant. Small group Guided motorbike tours with Odyssey will travel from 60 to a maximum of 650km. On occasion the tour may require you to ride for 850-900km in a day though this is the exception.

The traffic in regional and outback Australia is little and infrequent. However a 54 metre long road train on a sealed roadis unique to the outback. Encountering the road train on a unsealed road in any direction is a riding experience not easily forgotten!

But the road train is ok, it is managing your ride to be off the road, some 30 minutes before dusk and starting the following about 30 minutes after sunrise in the outback to manage the risk of encountering wildlife on the roads. Safety in the outback whether enjoying one of our guided motorbike tours or a self guided motorcycle holiday is key to your enjoyment and we will provide good advice on how to enjoy this adventure from the provision of equipment from Air bag jackets to written comentary on outback safety to ensure you have a positive motorcycle rental experience.

How to plan a motorcycle tour

Odyssey Traveller will manage as your tour operator the majority of the planning logistics for guided motorcycle tours or self guided motorcycle tours in New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia or Tasmania and Victoria. Providing you with a bike tour that exceeds your expections from the accommodation, the bikerental and riding gear and local tour guide. You need to bring your helmut, gloves, boots and motorcycle license.

Contact with riders planning a motorcycle trip typically commences 6 to 18 months in advance. Initial enquiries to Odyssey Traveler are about what you think you would like to do and then we begin to share and the decision to take one of the three options. If you simply wish to enjoy winding roads then there are better motorcycle tour companies to contact.

Tour group options for motorcyclists

We have built up a collection of unique motorcylce tours with bikes for the mature and senior experienced rider to enjoy a rich tapestry in the itinerary to interesting places with a history and breathtaking scenery along the road less travelled to be enjoyed ending each day ingood accommodation, good food and drink to be enjoyed as you reflect on the day often with your tour guide.

Many of our rides are a mix of sealed and unsealed roads (paved and upaved roads), this experience is difficult to be avoided in the outback. The unpaved or unsealed road is to be enjoyed , considered as part of the total riding experience. Odyssey would assist the mature and experienced rider with a 1/2 day instruction on riding on unsealed road surfaces as part of its tour program as we leave Sydney for example. This is not off road riding instructions to enable you to “go bush” but instruction on being competent on different surfaces such as a range of gravels, sand and red dirt that make the regional road network in Outback Australia. As senior or mature riders we do not provide a support vehicle on our motorcycle tour programs, you are comptent riders on the open road and there is no need for a support vehicle. However, we will on private self gjuided tours provide satelitte based technology to ensure in the event of an emergency all parties can be contacted. And if your wish is to ride one way then we can accomodate these requests and others in the tour prices.

For the mature and experienced rider we offer three motorcycle rental options.The options are;

The motorbike tour that runs in parallel with a escorted small group tour offered by Odyssey.

For the experienced rider this is independent tour where your partner is travelling with a guaranteed tour for up to 3 weeks and each day you ride independent of the coach either solo or with an associate to the destinations on the tour.

Guided motorcycle tours with a tour leader and several other riders who follow a small group tour program.

These Motorbike only tours travel the same program as the escorted small group tours though with their own luggage (We will provide a suggested packing list to assist you in managing space). These programs also start with a 1/2 day instruction on riding on unsealed roads of the outback. Typically there are upto 6 riders plus your tour leader.

Private tour using GPS and minimal support from Odyssey to enjoy a self guided tour.

This type of self guided tour is independent. Beyond your chosen bike we provide,outerwear, panniers, gps with tourprograms and information and safety equipment to allow you to enjoy your adventure into the outback. Before you can commence the motorcycle rental period for a private tour you would need to also attend a 1/2 day briefing on riding on unsealed roads in Outback Australia. On this type of motorcycle holiday Odyssey would have assisted with booking your accommodation, supplying the bike and equipment including panniers.

Prices of motorcycle tours

Whether booking a guided motorcycle tour or one of our self guided motorcycle tours there is pricing that reflects your be-spoke requirements beyond just the motorcycle rental.

In addition to the quoted price for the chosen option as detailed in the tour selected then the additional costs are as follows;

Your own Comprehensive Travel insurance

Motorbike insurance excess reduction

Fuel costs for the motorbike

Return travel costs eg airfares

Items of a personal nature, such as telephone calls and laundry

Entrances and sightseeing not specified in the itinerary.


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Australia is a substantially large country, the size of America, with some 25 million people. The majority of whom live on the Eastern seaboard.

One of the greatest joys is riding out of the city and after about one hour heading often west, the roads begin to empty, and the landscape grows in size and the urban environment fades away.

Reaching this place and beyond here to understand the landscape and the ancient and contemporary history of the landscapes this motorbike ride takes you on is best delivered on a guided tour. Your program leader not only should be knowledgable about the motorbike ride but the history of the places to be visited, supporting the local guides meet knowledge so as you ride on your understanding of this ancient country is extended beyond the contemporary. Your curiosity is awakened.

As a rider, you are looking for a company that understands you as a rider seeking an adventure. The best part is that you have a sense that the Travel agency (Tour operator) is offering something back to you as the rider, the intangible, an insight provided without prompting that gives comfort.

Then also transparent and direct communication and honesty. We like to work under the mantra of treating others how your would like to be treated and no surprises!

Finding a travel company or tour company that readily goes beyonds the bike.

For Odyssey we have been offering small group educational tours since 1983, the addition of guided motorcycle tours of Australia for mature and senior travllers is a great fit of the ride experience and small group learning experiences.

Creating a route map complete with waypoints for a motorcycle tour is effeciently done with a GPS. Alternatively make trip notes and print them out or copy them to your phone as a photo for reference. What is crucial for an Australian adventure is to manage distances covered, keep well hydrated and check for fuel location and availability.

For the weekend away or any self guided tour or guided motorcycle tour it is always about hydration, some low GI foods for ther long stretch and layers of clothing under your riding gear. Rermaining at a good body temperature is crucial to maintaining rider comfort and concentration whether on a weekend away or a two week motorcycle holiday.

Creating a route map complete with waypoints for a motorcycle tour is effeciently done with a GPS. Alternatively make trip notes and print them out or copy them to your phone as a photo for reference. What is crucial for an Australian adventure is to manage distances covered, keep well hydrated and check for fuel location and availability.

The key influencer on the prices of guided motorcycle tours or self guided motorcycle tours is demand for places. Peak demand for places reflects the European and North American summer, the dry season in the outback. Prices tend to be higher than the shoulder season March and Late October. It is irresponsible for a motorcycle tour to allow riders into the outback in the height of the summer.

Outback Australia is one of the safest places to tour by motorcycle. Whilst you are likely to encounter paved and unpaved roads, a coll head and knowledge thast you have plenty of time will keep you relaxed. Passing traffic is a minimum, the roads are straight with slow flat bends and the landscapes flat or mildly undulating all combine for a easy safe ride.

The Eastern seaboard of Australia and surrounding hinterland is densely populated. The risk for a rider is increased.

The Motorcycle market for travellers offers a diversity of experiences for the rider seeking guided or self guided motorcycle tours. The market has a bias towards adventure boisterous type tours. For Odyssey Travellers the focus is on small group educational tours for the mature and senior traveller that underpins the motorcycle holiday experience.

This collection of some 13 different guided motorcycle tours and self guided motorcycle tours are typically 14 to 21 day riding experiences covering 3,000 to 6,000 kilometres and more in the outback.

What level of insurance is included with the bike rental for a motorcycle tour?

The insurance is standard to cover theft and third party damage. The excess on the insurance cover for the period of the hire can be reduced often by 50% at a cost to the hirer. Please contact us to discuss at the time of booking.

For a guided motorcycle tour the following list provides an overview of what is included in the motorcycle rentalagreement with Odyssey Traveller.

  • Selected Motorbike, protective outerwear, panniers, GPS.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • A specified number of breakfasts and dinners.
  • All entry fees and services of local expert guide.
  • Cruises, ferry crossings, field trips, and excursions as indicated
  • Services of a Tour Leader for the duration of tour.
  • Gratuities and necessary tips.
  • Detailed preparatory information.

Small group tour guided motorcycle tours are the best option for the mature and senior rider seeking to experience Australia. The durastion and type of ride we vwould welcome the oportunity to discuss with you.

For a typical days riding for meals and petrol (gas) you should allow for AUD$75 a day per person for 3 meals (no alcoholic drinks). But rthis really is dependent on how far you wish to ride each day and your choice of food.

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