Faroe Islands small group Tour.

Explore the Faroe Islands on this fully escorted, small group tour designed for senior and mature travellers, travelling as a couple or as a solo traveller. This tour gives you chance to visit some of the islands' most stunning sights and to explore the capital of Tórshavn, while discovering the interesting history of the Faroes and its unique culture.

The mysterious Faroe Islands is a North Atlantic archipelago lying about halfway between Norway and Iceland. Though closer to the United Kingdom than Scandinavia, the Faroes is a self-governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark. Made up of 18 pristine volcanic islands, it is home to a population of only 50,000 people who are outnumbered by sheep nearly two to one. Only a short flight from Scotland, the Faroes are off most standard travellers' radars. Something of an open secret, the islands do not appear in many world maps and the Faroese tourism board had to persuade Google to include the islands in Google Street View through a 2016 marketing campaign called Sheep View, where they strapped a camera to a sheep travelling all over the islands. Yet, for the tourists who do find their way here, the Faroe Islands offer breathtaking natural landscapes, rugged terrain, verdant green pastures and jaw-dropping cliffs and waterfalls to explore.

During the four-day tour we will base ourselves in Torshavn, which is one of the world's smallest capitals, and travel to different parts of the archipelago including the villages of Gásadalur, Vestmanna, Kirkjubøur and Gjógv. This allows you to explore all corners of this beautiful collection of islands, taking in the epic coastline, magnificent sea cliffs and colourful scenery.

Highlights of the tour

Torshavn, named for the Norse god Thor, is home to a third of the Faroese population. A picturesque harbour city with a quaint and colourful old town, Torshavn has been the capital of the Faroes since AD 850. On the tour, you will visit Tinganes, the area of the city where the Norse established their parliament almost 1200 years ago. Today, Tinganes is a collection of pretty turf-roofed cottages and a great spot for an afternoon stroll.

The village of Gasadalur is where you can view the spectacular and iconic Mulafossur Waterfall. The waterfall is like something out of a fairytale, set against mystical cliffs carpeted in green. While it is not the biggest or most powerful waterfall, the surrounding beautiful scenery is what makes it such a popular attraction. From Gasadalur you can see Mykines Island or 'Puffin Island'. This tiny island has a population of just 10 people but is home to thousands of breeding puffins over summer. With a panoramic view of the island from Gasadalur it is the perfect place to catch sight of the puffins in flight.

On the tour you will visit the incredible Vestmanna bird cliffs by boat. This is one of the most amazing experiences one can have in the Faroes, sailing from the village of Vestmanna along the west coast of the island of Streymoy to the soaring cliffs and sea stackshe magnificent boat tours to the wild Vestmanna bird cliffs of northwestern Streymoy are probably the highlight of a visit to the Faroe Islands. When the weather's fine, you sail from Vestmanna along the west coast of Streymoy to towering cliffs and sea stacks, catching sight of dazzling birdlife such as kittiwakes, guillemots and fulmars who nest in the caves of the cliffs. On the boat, you sail through deep grottoes and narrow streets, experiencing the 700m high cliffs from all angles. Nearby, Kirkjubøur was the episcopal centre of Streymoy in the Middle Ages and you can delve into the history by visiting some of the unique ruins of the Saint Magnus Cathedral, the Maria church and the Roykstovan Museum.

The tour visits the cosy coastal village of Leynar, where you have to chance to learn more about wood craftsmanship, before travelling to Eysturoy. One of the great things about travelling around the Faroe Islands is the remarkable road-tunnels that allow you to easily access different islands by coach or bus. Gjógv is a village located on the northeast tip of Eysturoy and driving to Gjógv gives you the chance to take in more of the Faroes' dramatic scenery, including the highest mountain in the Faroes, Slættaratindur (882m).

Given the proximity of the Faroe Islands to Scotland, you may be interested in doing this tour as an extension of one our of Scottish Isles tours. Odyssey Traveller's Scottish island tours travel to the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland and are specifically tailored for mature aged and senior travellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands might have seemed so remote to the seafaring Norsemen of the 9th century, but now it is only a short flight from mainland Europe: one hour from Reykjavik (Iceland), Edinburgh (Scotland), and Bergen (Norway), and two hours from Copenhagen (Denmark).

This depends on where you are from. Citizens of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are free to enter, reside and work on the Faroe Islands.

Citizens from other countries may need a visa to visit. It is best to consult the official website here. You can also visit a Danish Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence

It is important to note that, although you must apply for a visa to visit the Faroes through the Danish government, the visa must explicitly be for entry into the Faroes. A visa only for entry into Denmark does not guarantee entry into the Faroes.


Faroese climate is affected by the warming effect of the North Atlantic current. Summers are cool with an average temperature of 13°C, and winters are relatively mild with an average temperature of 3°C. However, the diverse terrain and gusty winds can contribute to wildly unpredictable weather, which can change several times in one day.

PDF of Tour

Overview: We travel together from Edinburgh to Tórshavn (flight included in the tour cost). From here, we will drive to the nearby village of Gásadalur where we will see the Múlafossur waterfall. The waterfall is like something out of a fairytale and on a windy day, you are may see the water rising up into the air, creating a stunning view against the sheer drop of the waterfall. We will also be able to view Mykines Island from the clifftop, the most western of the 18 main islands. Mykines is often called ‘Puffin Island’, being home to thousands of puffins.

We will then transfer to the capital of Tórshavn, where we will be based for the full four nights all the main sights in the Faroes are easily reachable within 1-1.5hrs’ drive of the town. After some free time in the afternoon, we will take an orientation walking tour of the town, visiting the old district of Tórshavn, ‘Uti a Reyn’, and the Tinganes area, one of the oldest, parliamentary meeting places in the world. In the evening we will enjoy a welcome dinner in a traditional Faroese restaurant.

Accommodation: Hotel Hafnia or similar

Overview: Today we will have a full day exploring different areas of the archipelago. After breakfast, we will take a boat tour to see the Vestmannabjørgini or Vestmanna Cliffs, sailing into grottos, through narrow sounds, and close to the almost 1500ft high vertical cliffs for a truly breathtaking experience. From the village of Vestmanna we will travel south to Kirkjubøur, enjoying views of the islands of Koltur and Hestur during our journey. In medieval times, Kirkjubøur was the cultural centre of the Faroes and the bishop’s residence was located here until the Reformation. Today it is home to farming families living in chalet-like wood-and-stone houses but traces of its history remain. We will visit the unique Saint Magnus Cathedral, the Maria church and the Roykstovan Museum, where coffee and cake will be served.

Afterwards we will return to Tórshavn, where you will have free time to enjoy the evening. Dinner tonight is at own leisure.

Accommodation: Hotel Hafnia or similar

Overview: We will began our day of exploring with a visit to the village of Leynar where we will meet with a local wood craftsman and see how he makes lamps and other household items from trees. From Leynar we will continue travelling along the coast through colourful villages, crossing the bridge over the North Atlantic Ocean that connects the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy and continuing to the northernmost village on the island of Eysturoy, Gjógv. This journey allows us to see dramatic scenery, such as the highest mountain in the Faroes, Slættaratindur (882m). In Gjógv, we will eat lunch together at a local restaurant before  exploring the village and visiting Crown Princess Mary’s bench, built by people of Gjógv for the visit of the Danish Royals in 2005.

From Gjógv we travel to Toftir, in the southern part of Eysturoy, where we will visit the Navia knitwear store. Navia is one of the leading yarn and wool manufacturers of traditional Faroese design and we will have the chance to listen to a talk and learn about the history of Faroese wool and jumper-making. On our joruney back to Tórshavn we will drive along the edge of Lake Toftir , known for its rich bird life, and enjoy coffee and cake in a local home.

We will have free time in the evening in Tórshavn and dinner at own leisure again tonight.

Accommodation: Hotel Hafnia or similar

Overview: Today, the morning will begin with some free time to relax or explore more of Tórshavn. You may want to visit is the warehouse of ‘Østrøm’ on the harbour of Vágsbotn. Here you can find a variety of local souvenirs made by different artists, while next door is ‘Steinprent’, a workshop and gallery.

After a morning of leisure, we will make the short walk to the harbour and take a ferry to the island of Nólsoy, where we will enjoy a lunch made by the people behind the café ‘Gimburlombini’, which won the Nordic Food Awards 2019 EMBLA. The food will be prepared with locally-sourced ingredients and wild herbs from the island. After lunch, we will have a guided tour of the island before returning to Tórshavn on the late afternoon ferry and walking back to the hotel.

Tonight, we will have a farewell dinner at a local ‘fishhouse’.

Accommodation: Hotel Hafnia or similar

Overview: Our small group tour of the Faroe Islands concludes this morning. After breakfast at the hotel, we will be transferred to Vagar Airport.  

View the magnificent Mulafossur Waterfall in Gásadalur
Sail through the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs
Eat a traditional Faroese meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients and wild herbs
Discover the history of Navia, traditional Faroese wool and
Visit Kirkjubøur, home to the oldest inhabited wooden structure and medieval churches

What’s included in our Tour

  • 4 nights of accommodation in Tórshavn
  • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 afternoon teas and 2 dinners
  • Touring by comfortable and modern mini-coach
  • Return ferry ticket to Nólsoy
  • All entry fees, gratuities and necessary tips
  • Services of local guides for the duration of tour
  • Services of Tour Leader for the duration of tour
  • Flight from Edinburgh to Tórshavn 1/10/20

What’s not included in our Tour

  • Comprehensive international travel insurance.
  • Departure airfare from Tórshavn
  • Airport transfers.
  • Items of a personal nature, such as telephone calls and laundry.
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