China Dinosaurs small group escorted paleontology tours

Explore Zigong Dinosaur Museum, one of the richest dinosaur fossil burial sites in China and one of the top 3 dinosaurs museums in the world.
12 days
Asia and the Orient
Level 2 - Introductory to Moderate

Gobi Desert- Mongolia Dinosaur dig small groups paleontological tour

The first dinosaur nest of eggs was discovered in Mongolia during 1928.Following an introduction to Mongolian history, culture and desert landscapes, participants will Experience eight days on a paleontological dig.
16 days
Asia and the Orient
Level 3 - Moderate

Argentina Dinosaur dig including Titanosaurus small group tours

Argentina Dinosaur dig including Titanosaurus Argentina Dinosaur dig including Titanosaurus. This is a small group tour led by paleontologist & Author John Pickrell to an Argentina Dinosaur dig including Titanosaurus. This link you can watch John's report on the October 2016 Gobi Desert dig. CLICK HERE. The 18 day tour gives you the opportunity to meet some of the best guides and experts on Argentina’s paleontological record. You will also have the opportunity to see  the largest herbivore and the largest carnivore dinosaurs that roamed the planet. Not only do you visit the key sites where the fossil record has been examined. The sites you visit have  made a substantial contribution to the earth’s fossil record.  During this tour you also get to participate on a dig during the tour. Participants spend 3 days at the Proyecto Dino Paleontology center. This site is managed by Scientists from the National University of Comahue.   After the dig you continue to explore further the paleontological record of Argentina. The tour visits sites of paleontological interest around the area of Trelew in the Peninsula Valdés. The Titanosaurus is unique because this is believed to be the largest dinosaur that walked the planet. Just a thigh bone of the Titanosaurus was 30metres long! This dinosaur is believed to been up to 40m long and 20m tall, weighing up to 100 tonnes, a herbivore. What you experience. The Argentina Dinosaur dig including Titanosaurus journeys from Buenos Aires out to Cordoba. The tour
20 days
Level 3 - Moderate