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Dinosaur tours for mature and senior travellers

Collection of unique Dinosaur programsthat allow the traveller access to type rooms and in-fieldlocations where you participate under supervision to dig for fossils. Odyssey’s Dinosaur digtoursare a fieldtripfor small groups of 6 to 12 likeminded people with specialist program leaders and expert guides to search for fossils. You may not be paleontologistsbut have an interest in fossilsand enjoy the hands-on experiencesearching for fossilsin the cretaceousand jurassicrecord on a guided tour. Our tour guidesin the fieldare typicaly PaleontologistsOur field tripsin Argentina, China and Mongolia include relevant UNESCO world heritage sitevisits. Our Dinosaur digtoursare typically between 14 to 21 day field trips. These dino digtours are for adults.


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Argentina Dinosaur dig including Titanosaur small group tours

Titanosaurs the largest Dinosaurs to walk the planet. Their skeletons have recently been discovered in Argentina. This program spends 20 days travelling to visit and experience the dig sites where much of Argentina’s paleontological history has been found, Patagonia. With local paleontologists and guides providing an insight into this remote part of the country you get a unique opportunity to learn first hand about the research on the Argentinian Dinosaur collection.

17 days
Departing Sep

China Dinosaurs small group escorted palaeontology tours

During our Dinosaur Odyssey study program, we will visit two of the most exciting dinosaur sites in China – Zigong Dinosaur Museum. Your program leader will take us to behind-the-scenes places, field studies in the Sichuan Province and Dinosaur Valley, and in the Yunnan Province. Go behind-the-scenes places, field studies at the dig sites, with first-hand experience at  palaeontological dinosaur digs.

12 days
Departing Oct, Apr

Mongolia Dinosaur Dig Tour | Small group tour in the Gobi Desert

The first dinosaur nest of eggs was discovered in Mongolia during 1928.Following an introduction to Mongolian history, culture and desert landscapes, participants will Experience eight days on a paleontological dig.

16 days
Departing May, Sep, Aug

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