Important commentary on Covid-19

For all travellers joining an Odyssey small group tour we ask for respect for all member of the group and yourself and the communities we are visiting and that:

  1. If requested by Odyssey Traveller you will undertake to take a Covid-19 test and share the result with Odyssey no more than 72 hours before a tour commences.
  2. You respect the communities you are visiting and the Covid-19 directions issued including social distancing.
  3. You will advise your program leader/Odyssey of any underlying change in your health whilst on tour and up to 14 days after the tour.
  4. Odyssey and its suppliers will observe as a minimum the WTTC guidelines and those of the region you are visiting their Covid-19 requirements, the higher standard of the two instructions will be applied for a small group tour.
  5. We remain aware, vigilant and empathetic to the need to change arrangements in response to the challenges of managing Covid-19 before and during a small group tour for the benefit of all in the internal and external Odyssey Traveller community.

Travellers should also familiarise themselves with our Peace of mind travel policy for Covid-19 as well as the terms and conditions applicable at the time of booking.

The Great Philosophers and Us

New course for 2022. 

The greatest of ancient Greek philosophy retains an immediacy and strong presence in our daily life today. At the core of the way we think and discuss matters with each other sit Socrates and his successors, Plato and Aristotle.

Across two and a half millennia since Socrates walked and talked in Athens, western philosophy has continued to entertain the same big questions that he asked as long ago as 440BCE. And yet astonishingly, Socrates never wrote down a word for us to read.

Through his followers, Plato, Aristotle and others, they provided the philosophic framework by which we think and speak and helped understand ourselves and the way we feel as human beings.

This course takes you back to the birthplace of western philosophy and the basis for our intellectual and emotional inner growth as individuals, as communities and as a civilization that has continued to question its values and our very being.

We shall explore these origins of thought, the masterpieces of literature and drama that reach far beyond their initial time and place and let them speak again to us today just as freshly as they did 2500 years ago.

Summer School classes for mature and senior travellers

Odyssey offers a collection of week-long learning programs offered each January in Hobart, Tasmania. Our 2021 classes will be held in Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW (due to Covid-19 border restrictions). Courses are refreshed for each year’s programs. Classes are limited to 15 people.

Over the last twenty-five years, Odyssey’s small group Summer School Program has given countless travellers an unforgettable educational and travel experience. Each summer, we prepare and offer fun and challenging special interest courses and programs designed to give travellers the options and opportunity to learn about history, religion, Australian culture, and the arts, among many other topics. These courses are designed in such a way that enthusiasts can deepen their knowledge of a particular topic or be initiated into new understandings on a subject.

These programs offered are tailor-made for mature-aged and senior travellers who are eager to explore in-depth a particular topic. Summer school learning programs for mature and senior travellers who are and remain curious about the world. Read more about our philosophy of the Odyssey Summer Schools.

PDF of Tour

Overview: The Summer school program  begins with a welcome reception and dinner.

Accommodation: Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains


Homer: The Iliad and The Odyssey

We begin by examining the great epic poems written in verse to be sung about the men, women and gods that populated ancient Greek myth and history. They laid down the values, ethics and beliefs that set the scene and the foundations of philosophy.

Accommodation: Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains


The Sophists

We examine the elements of the Dark Ages that produced no writing for hundreds of years yet led to new thinking, new freedoms and the gradual appearance of early philosophical thinking when the oral tradition takes hold.

Accommodation: Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains


Socrates and the Dramatists

We examine the wave of intellectual ferment in Athens 500-400BCE that resulted in the opening and celebration of the human mind in our culture with Socrates, his contemporaries followed by Plato as the key figures.

Accommodation: Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains


Plato, Aristotle, Xenophon and others

We examine those key philosophers who followed Socrates and through their written testaments and further enquiry create the formative pillars of wisdom of western civilization that remain at the core of our being.

Accommodation: Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains


You, Me, Bertrand the History of Western Philosophy

We examine the enduring impact and longevity of the philosophic roots of our civilization in its various chapters, greatest followers and ongoing relevance.

In the evening we conclude our course with a farewell dinner at the Customs House Hotel Restaurant, starting at 6:30pm.

Accommodation: Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains

Overview: The course will end after breakfast.

What’s included in our Tour

  • 6 nights in full en suite accommodation
  • 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 2 dinners.
  • Lectures and handouts as indicated.
  • Services of a study leader and lecturers.
  • Complimentary wifi.

What’s not included in our Tour

  • Comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Costs of a personal nature.