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Senior Travellers Loyalty Program

Senior Travellers Loyalty program

Senior Travellers Loyalty Program for Odyssey Travellers  

Senior Travellers Loyalty program. The Odyssey Alumni consists of your organisation’s most valued supporters.  The loyalty program forms an integral part of Odyssey’s continuing success. Established in 1999, the Alumni has over 3,500 members and continues to expand each year. Alumni members relationship and quest for learning typically runs for decades. Our guests over a period of time become regular travellers with us as they follow their passions, be it Dinosaurs, European history or garden design.

A small group tour with Odyssey will soon have you enjoying cash discounts off the cost of joining one of our tours plus other benefits. This loyalty program remains in perpetuity. All small group Odyssey travellers remain alumni members with accrued benefits  in perpetuity.

Alumni Membership starts early.

Membership of the alumni starts when you choose to take your first international small group tour with Odyssey Travel. Once you have reached at least three programs, discounts of the cost of each small group tour with Odyssey Travel begins to accrue at Bronze.

Sliver membership is accrued from tours, four, five & six.

To reach the highest level of membership you need to have enjoyed at least 7 small group tours with Odyssey Travel. That discount of 7% off the list price is also available to a nominated partner who is travelling with you on small group tour with Odyssey Travel.

Please see the table below.

Odyssey Travellers small group tour discounts at a glance.


Odyssey Loyalty Program


Alumni discounts once earned remain in perpetuity.

As well as a cash discount in perpetuity on short tours with Odyssey Travel. Alumni members also  receive preferred rates on travel insurance.  Priority booking on programs and preferred notification of all programs for the following season.

Contact Odyssey for more details

If you would like to find out more about the places Odyssey offers our unique small group tours to each then please contact us. This link takes you to the contact us page . For a complimentary copy of our latest catalogue please follow this link.

To become a loyalty member, please call us on either of these telephone numbers; Australia 1300 888 225 or in New Zealand; 0800 440 055.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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