Guided Small Group Tours of European Art Galleries

Tours of European Art Galleries

Discovering European Masters: Small Group Tour of Dutch and Italian Art

Europe is home to some of the world’s most spectacular art galleries. There are of course the titans such as The Louvre, the Rijkmuseum, The Musee de Beaux Arts, and The National Gallery. But there are also many smaller galleries and churches that house both famous masterpieces and extraordinary works by lesser known artists.

Dutch Galleries

art restoration
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn’s The Night Watch

From Rembrandt to Van Gogh, Holland has contributed some of the world’s greatest artists. The Rijksmuseum, which recently underwent a major ten-year renovation, is home to a number of masterpieces, including Rembrandt’s famous The Night Watch and Vermeer’s The Milkmaid. Just around the corner from the Rijksmuseum is the beautiful Van Gogh Museum. As well as, of course, containing many works by Van Gogh, the gallery also includes works of those he influenced, and holds regular themed exhibitions which cover both Van Gogh and other great masters and styles. For those interested in modern art and design and the uniquely Dutch style of De Stijl, the Stedelijk Museum is a must-visit.

Amsterdam also has a vibrant independent gallery scene. Take a look at The Guardian’s recommendations for where to see up-and-coming talent.

Outside Amsterdam, there is the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, and The Escher Museum in The Hague. This is home to many works of the famous graphical artist, M. C. Escher. For those who think cars are works of art, the Louwman Museum, also in The Hague, is a must-visit.

Odyssey’s Beyond Dutch Masters Tour takes you on a small group tour of small art galleries of Western Europe.

Italian Galleries

Italy is of course home to a truly extraordinary amount of great art and art galleries. The famous Uffizi in Florence is one of the world’s oldest galleries. It is home to Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus along with renowned works by Da Vinci, Titian, and Raphael. Rome’s Borghese contains a number of Bernini sculptures, alongside several striking Caravaggio paintings, and much more. This is all housed in an ornate villa surrounded by lovely gardens. In Venice, make sure to visit The Guggenheim Collection for contemporary art, and The Academy Gallery for a collection of Venetian painting from the Middle Ages and renaissance art.

For senior art-lovers interested in taking a small group tour, Odyssey offers a tour that follows the life and art of the enormously important Baroque painter Caravaggio. Find out more here!

For even more, check out this list from Italy Magazine of the country’s top five museums.

Small Group Tours for Seniors

Taking a small group tour of European galleries is among the best ways to be immersed in Europe’s history and culture. Odyssey Traveller offers a wide range of art and literature small group tours, view them all by clicking here!