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Dinosaur fossil dig – Photo Essay

Argentina Dinosaur fossil dig

Odyssey Travellers recently travelled to a collection of Dinosaur Fossil dig sites in Argentina. Of particular curiosity was the opportunity to see the Titanosaurus fossils in situ and in the laboratory. Here are are some of the photos  below from this particular Dinosaur fossil dig.

Odyssey offers a wide range of specialist tours, among them is our Paleontology Small Group Tour, on which we travel to Argentina, meet with world-class experts, participate in an active dig site, and visit the site. Below are a series of images from a recent edition of this Dinosaur-themed tour of Argentina. This link takes you to some our other Dinosaur fossil  tours.

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Diego with the foot of an early sauropod
John and Dr Diego Pol with a backbone from Patagotitan, the largest of all known dinosaurs
Doug Miller holds a perfect little fossil skull at the Proyecto Dino museum


Foot of a mammal-like reptile: Ischigualastia
Carnivore Piatnitzkysaurus gets a spring clean at the Argentine Museum of Natural Science in Buenos Aires
John Pickrell with the femur of thigh bone of a massive sauropod called Futalongkosaurus
John Pickrell with the femur of thigh bone of a massive sauropod called Futalongkosaurus
Magellanic penguin at Península Valdés in Patagonia



Reviews from the Argentina Dinosaur fossil dig tour in 2017.

October 26, 2017

Well balanced, with a great group leader in John Pickrell. He was extremely informative and had great contacts so we saw behind the scenes at museums.We covered a lot of distance but with 2-3 nights in a number of places had plenty of free time to do your own thing.

We were privileged to go where many tourists could not go but some of that was due to the presence of John Pickrell still we saw more and met more senior paleontologists that I had expected. All museums and other sites were a marvelous experience

Participant -17
October 26, 2017

Well balanced with city vs country, visits to remote dinosaur sites, town museums, a winery. The hands-on dinosaur dig and fossil preparation live-in at Lake Barraleas was superb and I could have spent more time there as we went out a lot. It was excellent with a great Argentinian team looking after us..

Participant -17
October 26, 2017

All guides were excellent. Each had done a lot of research on dinosaurs before we arrived and had a good sense of what we were after.