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Neolithic Burial Chambers: Telescopes to the Stars

Neolithic Burial Chambers and the stars

The calendar you have in your smartphone was once written in the stars. During the Neolithic or final period of the Stone Age, skies were used to mark time; megalithic tombs served the same purpose as our astronomical equipment today. Archaeologists and astronomers have recently proposed that burial chambers of that time were aligned with the constellations.

Northern Portugal Neolithic Burial Chamber

The ancient civilizations in rural Britain are thought to have relied on these for migrating their animals. In the absolute darkness of the tombs, the night sky was never brighter. Images and carvings found on the walls of the tombs were probably records of the stars. According to researchers, the stars were believed to protect the ancestors.

Long, Neolithic Burial Chamber in Wales, UK

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Ancient Megalithic Burial Chamber, Kent

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