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Why Take A Small Group Educational Tour?

Small group educational tour in France

Why  take a small group educational tour with Odyssey?

The philosophy of Odyssey Traveller is that the best way to learn about a place is to visit and immerse yourself in the place. Seek to enjoy its culture.  Meet the people.  Spend time with local experts. To  understand the history, politics and culture, landscapes  and biodiversity that contribute to a sense of place.  To facilitate this, Odyssey offers escorted small group tours that focus on educating curious senior travellers.

An educational tour with Odyssey is not like a school trip or a University field trip. Each tour’s educational elements are focused on allowing you to get the most possible enjoyment and edification from every trip. And one should never compromise the other.

Of course Odyssey offers a wide range of tours, catering for all sorts of preferences, but we always consider how and what you can learn along the way, while being respectful of wherever we are visiting.

Types of Small Group Educational tour offered.

Following is a small sample of the variety of educational small group tours on offer, and what you might expect to find if you join them.

History: Odyssey offers a wide range of tours, but we have a few especially for history buffs. Subjects range from Pre-Historic Britain, Roman empire to the Industrial Revolution.

Art & Literature Art in Spain, Caravaggio, Five Italian families in the Renaissance. Are small group tours for the over 50s that are new to Odyssey Travelers.

Dinosaurs. For travellers with an interest in Dinosaurs. There are a collection of tours that let you get onto Digs, Laboratories, type rooms and museums. Each interaction allows you to learn more about Dinosaurs. Local experts share their passion and knowledge across different continents.

The small group educational tour experience.

Each tour is typically for 21 days, often with a short tour option available. Tour leaders are  from Australia or New Zealand. Each leader has an interest in the subject of the tour. The tour is structured so that you do have down time to spend an part or a full day exploring particular places in detail. This break occurs a few times during a tour.

Each tour has specialist guides, usually local to the area who join to share their thoughts and learnings with the group. This facilitates conversation at meal times as different points of view are presented or pieces of learning are joined together to gain an understanding of the journey.