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Suggested Travel Apps for mature Travellers

Travellers over 50, suggested travel apps

Travel Apps for Travellers

Foreign language or currency transactions, these apps are designed to help you make the most of your technology on your travels. Be digital-savvy with our top 3 favourite travel apps.



You don’t need to be fluent in Japanese or Swedish to get around during your leisure time without our trusty programme leader. Memrise, an award-winning language learning app, will help you pick up key phrases in no time. With a range of languages to choose from, this free help is both addictive and effective.

XE Currency

You might have heard of their website. Now, the famous currency converter has got an app. The best part? It works offline too, so you don’t have to worry about roaming data charges when you want to buy that souvenir. While waiting for your flight, you may even want to explore several of their interesting business features.


This is your new digital travel journal. It maps your route on your travels and allows you to add multimedia to capture your memories vividly. An interactive map that records your altitude and speed, LiveTrekker is your new adventure buddy.

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Small group tours for senior travellers

Odyssey Traveller is famous for our small groups, and we average eight participants per tour. Our maximum group size is eighteen people, which ensures quality, flexibility and care that is tailored to our clients. We specialise in small group tours for the senior traveller who is seeking adventure or is curious about the world we live in. Typically, our clients begin travelling with us from their mid 50’s onward. But be prepared to meet fellow travellers in their 80s and beyond! Both couples and solo travellers are very welcome on our tours.

About Odyssey Traveller

Odyssey Traveller is committed to charitable activities that support the environment and cultural development of Australian and New Zealand communities. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that since 2012, Odyssey has been awarding $10,000 Equity & Merit Cash Scholarships each year. We award scholarships on the basis of academic performance and demonstrated financial need. We award at least one scholarship per year. We’re supported through our educational travel programs, and your participation helps Odyssey achieve its goals.

For more information on Odyssey Traveller and our educational small group tours, visit our website. Alternatively, please call or send an email. We’d love to hear from you!