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Affordable small group tours with Odyssey Alumni

Affordable small group tours with Odyssey Alumni

Affordable small group tours with Odyssey Alumni

For Odyssey Travellers who regularly travel with us over a number of years, the organisation offers a three level Alumni loyalty program. This link takes you to the web page that provides the details on the loyalty program.

Alumni program

This loyalty program is not subject to total spends or annual reviews. It reflects our customers seeking over 50s holidays that are affordable as small group tours.

Odyssey studies the budgeted costs received and sets  the price of a tour. Seeking to offer value travel for seniors and boomers interested in independent travel or as a small group. Odyssey provides escorted affordable small group tours with Odyssey Alumni to mature travellers. They maybe a mature couple or solo travellers seeking a educational or learning program based on history or simply a walking tour.


Alumni members save from their 3rd tour.

Odyssey does not provide a deep discount on price. However the more you travel with Odyssey then the Alumni rewards do mount up. Bronze members, a stepping stone to Silver Alumni status receive a 3% price benefit on the list price of a tour. This level of saving on tours rises up to 7% for Gold Alumni members.


Odyssey welcomes mature travellers from all over the world on our tours. Each tour is typically between 8 to 12 people with a common interest. All of our tours are listed, priced and open for bookings on the Odyssey website at


Recently we refreshed all of our tour information from the catalogue, our electronic newsletters and the website. These changes enable you to search for your preferred location or tour of choice efficiently. Because we have more and more tours pre guaranteed or guaranteed this therefore  allows you to book with the confidence that a Odyssey tour will depart. These are the links should you wish to view these lists of tours today




The team at Odyssey is always ready to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your enquiries on any of our 140+ tours listed.


We look forward to hearing from you and most of all welcoming you into the Alumni program for Odyssey Travellers.