7 days
Level 1 - Introductory to Moderate

Victorian Britain Summer School, Hobart.

Victorian Britain is a summer school program in Hobart. This course will look at the life and times of Queen Victoria who reigned over the British Empire between 1837 and 1901. During that period Britain underwent what amounted to a revolution in industry, agriculture, transport, politics, science, medicine and the arts. We will spend five days looking at some of the developments in these fields and attempt to come to an understanding of just what made Britain such an enormously powerful nation.

During the period that Victoria was on the throne the British Empire reached its greatest extent with the queen proudly proclaimed as Empress of India. Britain led the world in manufacture, spurred on by advances in technology, and railroads criss-crossed the country replacing canals and roads. Charles Darwin revolutionised the way people thought, Florence Nightingale fought to clean up the hospitals and even Queen Victoria used an anaesthetic for the birth of her last two children.

During the week that the course runs we will (among other things):

  • Learn about the life of Victoria and her family
  • Explore the work of contemporary novelists, poets and artists
  • Examine the lives of the rich and famous and contrast that with the way the poor existed in city slums
  • Trace developments in democracy and in the suffragette movement
  • Discover how Britain came to lead the world in developments in technology and science.



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Victorian Britain
Victorian Britain

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