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Level 1 - Introductory to Moderate
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Sir John Monash Summer School for Seniors

The Sir John Monash Summer School program is not offered again until 2021.

The Sir John Monash lecture series is part of Odyssey Traveller's annual week-long Summer School learning programs offered each January in Hobart, Tasmania.

These lectures use the life of Australia's greatest wartime military leader, Lieutenant General Sir John Monash, in order to examine the ANZAC story through World War I, from Gallipoli (1915) to the Western Front (1918). Our educational program does not aim to be a comprehensive history of World War I. Instead we examine one man's personal story in order to trace the emergence of a young and assertive nation.

Our summer scholars:

  • Learn about the early life of John Monash, his family and influences - his character development, education, and values;
  • Understand his path to military leadership at Gallipoli;
  • Appreciate how an outsider won the War (with or without) glory;
  • Gain knowledge of his post-war life;
  • Trace the subsequent evaluations of Monash by historians and the public;
  • Use and assess primary historical sources for possible bias and accuracy

About our methodology

Our summer school classes do not offer a 'stand and deliver' approach from a lecture out front.

Nor do we expect participants to perform and present either except in small informal ways through discussion.

The method adopted in covering the content is to work as a research team around a table of written sources provided by the lecturer.

We shall work together under the lecturer's guidance as the research director to study, compare and make conclusions on the topics above, discussing differences, drawing conclusions about Monash, the Great War, and assessing the accuracy and value of the sources available to us.

Adopting the mantle of historian, especially in a discussion group, allows for a better learning experience and the development of personal research skills in learning history.

It is really a history workshop.

Course Outcomes

Participants in our scholars program can expect to complete the summer institute with the following outcomes:

  • an in-depth knowledge of the life, times and career of Sir John Monash;.
  • an increased understanding of the ANZAC experience of the Great War through the life of our greatest general and his impact;
  • the personal development of historical research skills, supported by a team leader with expertise in the field;
  • access to a range of materials in assessing the value, viewpoints and contrasts of various biographies and other sources;
  • and a broader knowledge of the causes, experience and impact of the Great War itself after 100 years.

Summer School for Seniors with Odyssey Traveller

Over the last twenty-five years, Odyssey’s small group Summer School program has given countless travellers an unforgettable educational and travel experience. Each summer, we prepare and offer fun and challenging special interest courses and programs designed to give travellers the options and opportunity to learn about history, religion, Australian culture, and the arts, among many other topics. These courses are designed in such a way that enthusiasts can deepen their knowledge of a particular topic or be initiated into new understandings on a subject.

We don't quite live on campus, but we will be staying in a comfortable hotel in central Hobart! We will enjoy welcome and farewell dinners in between our seminars, as well as daily morning tea and lunch.

These programs offered are tailor-made for mature-aged and senior travellers who are eager to explore in-depth a particular topic. Read more about our teaching philosophy in this article.

Below are some of the feedback from our Summer School programs in January 2019:

"Mal was an extraordinary leader in this program about extraordinary women. The depth and breadth of her preparation was amazing and the information book was of publishable quality. The mix of text, documentaries, and various YouTube videos all combined to not only extend our knowledge but kept us focused and interested throughout the course."

"Pav was an outstanding programme leader. His knowledge of plants and Tasmanian gardens is exceptional. His local knowledge and contacts are impressive. At all times he led the group with good humour and tolerance and at all times I felt he was totally in control of the programme. We were very fortunate to have him as our leader."

"The program was so well organised that each day ran very smoothly. Extraordinary women - extraordinary program!"

"All of the local guides were passionate about their places...Everyone was very proud of Tasmania [and] eager for us to get the most out of our visit."

For further information, check out the ‘Top 5’ or ‘Itinerary’ pages above. If you want to attend Odyssey's Summer School and take part in our social activities, please call or send us an email.


PDF of Tour

Overview: The tour will begin with a welcome reception and dinner.

Accommodation: Ibis Hobart.

Overview: Each course will comprise four lectures a day on each of the five days, from

Monday to Friday, starting at 9.00 am. There will be only one lecture after lunch each day, in order to free up most of the afternoon for private study and other activities.

Today, we begin with the following schedule:

9am till Tea: Introduction
Tea till Lunch: Prussia
After Lunch: Melbourne Boy

Accommodation: Ibis Hobart.

Overview: 9am till Tea: Melbourne Man
Tea till Lunch: Gallipoli
After Lunch: Great Retreat

Accommodation: Ibis Hobart.

Overview: 9am till Tea: England
Tea till Lunch: Home
After Lunch: *FREE

Accommodation: Ibis Hobart.

Overview: 9am till Tea: France
Tea till Lunch: Hamel
After Lunch: Group Challenge

Accommodation: Ibis Hobart.

Overview: 9am till Tea: Knighted in the field
Tea till Lunch: Repatriation
After Lunch: 1918 – 1931

This evening we enjoy a farewell dinner together at a local restaurant.

Accommodation: Ibis Hobart.

Overview: The tour will end after breakfast.

The post-war life and evaluation of Monash.
How an outsider won the War with or without glory.
The early life of John Monash, his family and influences – what can be learned from his character development his education and values.
The path to military leadership at Gallipoli.
The youth and young professional as the 19th century closes.

What’s included in our Tour

  • Six nights of accommodation in Hobart.
  • Six breakfasts, three lunches, and two dinners.
  • Lectures and handouts as indicated.
  • Services of a study leader and lecturers.
  • Complimentary wifi.

What’s not included in our Tour

  • Return economy class domestic airfares to and from Hobart.
  • Departure taxes applicable to the standard itinerary.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Costs of a personal nature.
Sir John Monash lecture
Sir John Monash lecture