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Romans settling Britain and Gaul

Romans settling Britain and Gaul. A summer school teaching program in Hobart.

This Odyssey Traveller Australia, Summer school course, Romans settling Britain and Gaul  runs for five days with three or four sessions per day, starting at 9:00 am and finishing at about 3.00 pm. Lectures will be held in the mornings and early afternoon. Late afternoon will be reserved for critical text exploration and free time.

Questions we consider.

The Romans, such power. This classroom program considers and discusses the Romans  in Britain and Gaul. You study  Roman occupation between the 1st century BC and the 4thcentury AD. Roman Gaul occupied an area that includes modern France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Germany southwest of the Rhine.

To both Britain and Gaul  the Romans brought roads, bridges, education, and cities and. Perhaps above all, they brought Pax Romana or Peace of Rome. It was the resulting freedom from pirates, roving bandits, and other invaders which allowed these areas to grow prosperous. During their occupation they built magnificent villas, aqueducts, amphitheatres, theatres, temples, and whole cities. The remains of these structures are visible today, 2,000 years later.

This Summer school course  looks at the influence of the Romans in Britain and Gaul.


In the Classroom

We will read some of the contemporary accounts of Roman of the path to occupation and then settlement in Britain and Gaul. This class will endeavour to consider and discuss the contribution Rome and the Romans had on the places controlled  by these invaders.


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Consider the Romans and the desire to invade Britain and Europe
Discuss the impact the Romans had these different cultures.
Discover the role of finance and labour in their quests to dominate
Learn about how success for Roman peace was achieved.
Consider the eventual collapse of Rome and the legacy beyond the aqueducts.

Overview: The Summer school program  begins with a welcome reception and dinner.

Overview: We begin our study with a general introduction to the Roman Empire and its early period. We look at just why the Romans feared their northern neighbours and at the early stages of the conquest before moving on to a look at Gaul before Caesar.

Overview: Today we concentrate on Caesar’s bloody conquest of Gaul in which, it has been estimated, over a million Gauls lost their lives and an unknown number were sold into slavery.

In the afternoon we explore what it was like to live in Gaul after the conquest.

Overview: For the Romans, Britain was a mysterious and distant land before Julius Caesar landed there for the first time in 55 BC. This morning, we look at Britain before the Romans and at the invasions led by Caesar in 55 and 54 BC.

This afternoon, we move on almost 100 years to the next Roman invasion, under the Emperor Claudius. We’ll look at the British response and particularly the resistance of Caratacus and the rebellion of Boudicca.

What can we learn from the writings of Roman Historian Tacitus?

Overview: What was life like for the majority of Britons during 400 years of Roman occupation? Today, we look at a number of Roman towns, particularly Silchester, Colchester and Bath, before moving north to Hadrian’s Wall and the extraordinary findings at Vindolanda.

Overview: Today, we focus again on life in the provinces for both the soldiers and the civilians. We look particularly at the role of religion, the role of women and at life in the villas of the 4th century.

Finally, we look at the last stages of life in Roman Britain and at the withdrawal of the legions.

Tonight, we enjoy a farewell dinner…unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) not Roman style. No pheasant’s tongues or dormice pies for us.

Overview: The tour will end after breakfast.

What’s included in our Tour

  • Services of a study leader and lecturers.
  • Complimentary wifi.
  • Six breakfasts, five lunches, and two dinners.
  • Six nights in full en suite accommodation in central Hobart.
  • Lectures and handouts as indicated

What’s not included in our Tour

  • Comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Return airfares to and from Hobart.
  • Airport transfers to/from your Hobart Hotel
  • Costs of a personal nature.

Odyssey Summer Schools map

Romans settling Britain and Gaul
Roman theater in Orange, Southern France
Ancient Theatre of Orange, France.
Roman amphitheater (Arena) in Arles, Provence, France.
Pont du Gard provance

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February 1, 2018

Very knowledgeable with a good sense of humour. Well prepared.

February 1, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole program

February 1, 2018

Morning teas and lunches were superb.

February 1, 2018

It all worked out very well – as usual!

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