22 days
British Isles
Level 2 - Moderate

Roman Britain, small group tour.

On this tour explore the world of Roman Britain as we trace the visible remains of the Roman occupation. The Romans occupied Britain for some 400 years and left behind a lasting legacy. Many of their buildings were pulled down and reused but there is still a lot left for us to discover. Join us as we travel in the footsteps of the legions through England and Wales, exploring what remains of their cities, fortresses, villas, bath houses and roads.

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Wander through the Roman city of Vinconium (Wroxeter) near Shrewsbury
Enjoy a day exploring Caerleon (Isca Augusta) in Wales, one of the largest and best preserved Roman towns in Britain.
Marvel at the mosaics at Fishbourne and Lullingston.
Walk the walls and explore the forts situated on Hadrian’s mighty defensive line
Stand on the spot in York where Constantine was first hailed as Emperor.
Romans settling Britain and Gaul
Hadrian's Wall Milecastle 37
Ancient Roman Britain
Ruin of a Roman fort on the Hadrian`s Wall
Roman coins
Ruin of a Roman fort on the Hadrian`s Wall Britain
Roman wall and sarcophagi in York England

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