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We are pleased  that since 2012, Odyssey has been awarding  $10,000 Equity & Merit Cash Scholarships each year.  Odyssey awards the scholarships based on academic performance and demonstrated financial need, at least one scholarship is awarded each year, there is no restriction on the maximum number awarded each year, but meeting the assessment criteria is crucial to being selected.

ScholarshipImageOnce again, through the contribution of travellers Odyssey Travel is giving back to the community and allowing talented students to achieve their educational dream and build a better future.

Applications for the Equity & Merit Scholarships are open to students in their second year and beyond, who are studying at an Australian or New Zealand University – a full list of criteria can be found on the attached information sheet.

Odyssey Travel is a not-for-profit organisation offering Australia and New Zealand’s most comprehensive educational programs, providing worldwide experiences for mature travellers who are keen to blend a love of travel with a thirst for knowledge.  We are made up of member universities throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Odyssey is committed to charitable activities supporting the environment and cultural development of Australian and New Zealand communities. Scholarship (Cliff Picton, Director & Hanna Ozturk pictured. (Photo Credit: Tess Flynn)


Applicants are required to submit a means-tested application supported by their academic record and a short statement as to why they should be considered. Payments would be made for the academic year that the grant is made in 4 equal tranches.  The grant is open to students across Australia and New Zealand who have completed at a minimum their first year of academic study.  

University Grants Proposal

The Odyssey University grant is focused on offering financial assistance for students, not only from lower socio-economic backgrounds, but also those who have proven academic capability and without assistance from ANZCS may be forced to withdraw from the pursuit of their educational objectives.  Applicants should have successfully completed their first year of study.  The award of grants will be based on academic merit and will be subject to a means test. Eligible applicants will be required to provide evidence of their eligibility for an AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY allowance. Applicants will be required to provide their academic record, a letter of support by an academic acquainted with their work and a short statement (one page) as to why they should be considered for a grant. For more information please email scholarships@odysseytravel.com.au. Please note applications for 2017 are now closed.


Since 2012, the Odyssey Travel board confirmed its ongoing commitment to provide financial scholarships to tertiary students who are showing academic merit.  This is a new philanthropic objective of Odyssey and we are looking forward to reporting back on this next year. Our current goal is to double the number of AUD$10,000 Equity & Merit Scholarships we can offer every year through to 2017 to provide as much assistance as we are able.  We are supported through our educational travel programs and your support through those helps Odyssey achieve its goals.
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