Central and Western Australia Aboriginal art tour

Small group escorted air tour of Central and Western Australia, where the coaches have yet to reach. Outback Australia, Aboriginal art, Standing stones, Derby, Broome, Tanami desert, Kununurra explored for mature couples and single travelers.

Led by Adrian Newstead explore Outback Australia, and inspiration for Aboriginal art and design through the landscapes of country. Limited places for senior couples and solo travellers. Two departures a year.


  1. 1. Meet guides from country describing life in the desert at Mt Gibson
  2. 2. Visit galleries and learn about the art of the desert
  3. 3. Visit and explore Derby and Broome
  4. 4. Fly over the Kimberly for several hours as well the Tanami desert.
Central and Western Australia Aboriginal art tour itinerary

Small group tour of central and Western Australia with Adrian Newstead

This small group tour is for 13 days by air into some of the most remote areas of the outback. It is an adventure tour for travellers whether a couple or solo travellers who are seeking a guided tour into the outback to study and learn about Aboriginal art. This thirteen day trip into outback Australia starts and ends in Alice Springs. The itinerary is designed to optimise your time in outback Australia from the air and the ground with some great guided tour leaders showing you their outback. this small group tour of central and western Australia that includes the Kimberley region is a blend of deep history and contemporary Aboriginal art will shape your interpretation of outback Australia. Over the 13 days this guided tour explores by air the outback.

The group goes west to Warburton, and across to Lake Moore and Paynes Find, across the the southern parts of the Pilbara. As we leave Alice Springs, there will be an opportunity to view Ayers rock (Kata tjuta) and the Olgas, though we do not stop in this National park, our destinations are remote. At Warburton a local tour Guide from Country explains and shares their history of country for travellers. From Paynes find, looping back towards Alice Springs this small group tour limited to 10 travellers takes in Gwalia- Leonora onto Laverton and Warmurka, a collection of unique day tour experiences for the curious. The entire circuit follows along the great central way, regarded as an outback adventure for the few who take this journey. Facilities including accommodation and access to National parks is limited for those on the ground. This private tour by air provides you with access to a journey and places, few travellers can make.

Returning to the Northern Territory and Alice Springs we enjoy a 2 day break.

Then the next leg of this adventure tour commences as we follow by air the Tanami road up to and beyond Halls Creek. From the air we take in the Wolfe creek meteorite crater in the national park. This is the second largest meteorite crater in the world, just over the horizon line on this section of the flight is the bungle bungle (Purunlulu) National park, now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Continuing North, your private tour heads into the Kimberley region. This small group tour of Western Australia flies over the type of deep gorge that the Kimberley is known for. This private tour heads over the Kimberley region towards the west coast of Australia and the Indian ocean, to Derby and then Broome. From Broome this trip takes you across the Kimberley region, time is made to fly over the spectacular Mitchell falls on these trips as part of the Kimberley tour program. This journey is so remote, Sydney or Melbourne will be a continent away. The small group tour of central and Western Australia eventually reaches the outback town of Kununurra. The group spends time with a local tour guide from country today and visits the Art centre. From the heart of the Kimberly region this adventure tour in the air, turns south, over Lake Argyle and crosses in to the Northern Territory towards Alice Springs for this small group tour to return to where it started.

About Adrian Newstead

Adrian Newstead began working with Aboriginal communities in 1981 when Coo-ee Emporium (founded with Louise Ferrier) held the first exhibition for Tiwi Design of Bathurst Island. For more than 40 years Adrian, supported by his partner Anne, has made a positive commitment to sharing his learning and understanding of Aboriginal artists and community from that unique middle section of the Australian continent not only within Australia but to the rest of the world.

Well known for his lengthy contribution to the development of Aboriginal artists and their work, Adrian was the first art dealer to organise art exhibitions by the Tiwi people of Bathurst and Melville Islands, the printmakers of the Western Torres Strait Islands, the Spinifex people of the Great Victoria Desert, and urban Aboriginal art. He acted as the first publisher of Aboriginal fine art prints and initiated metal work amongst indigenous artists including large scale commissioned public sculptures. During the period 1990-1994 Adrian curated and toured the largest exhibition of Indigenous limited edition prints ever assembled throughout the United States of America and Australia.

Over his time Adrian has worked with, supported, and represented, many of the great early masters of Aboriginal art, presenting their art in his Sydney gallery and visiting them in the bush to encourage and help develop their work. These artists included Rover Thomas, Abie Jangala, Lorna Fencer, Dennis Nona, David Malangi and many others.

Adrian Newstead was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2016 for his service to the museum and galleries sector, particularly through the promotion of Indigenous arts. His passion to support Aboriginal artists and their communities, is not only his passion but also that of his wife Anne and this has been carried through into the lives of their children.

This small group air tour is a unique opportunity to travel with Adrian and on occasion with Anne to parts of outback Australia for some terrific experiences, learning and stories from country and Adrian. To gain a rare and unique insight of a holistic culture that has existed for more than 60,000 years on the Australian continent.

Odyssey Traveller

These air tours are limited to 8 people.

For Odyssey Traveller as the tour operator the itinerary for this small group tour of Western Australia is an adventure tour for the curious. It goes off the beaten track, avoids the cliches of many scheduled tours to places such as the Margaret River, or Great barrier reef and Uluru to take you to places that coaches and escorted group tours will find very difficult to reach. Provides you with experiences and stories to share. From a picnic lunch on a remote airstrip to access to an incredible tour guide who seeks to share their home and stories with you in the outback where they live.


Day 1: Alice Springs

Accommodation: Hilton Doubletree or equivalent.


Day 2: Warburton

Accommodation: Warburton - Camping.


Day 3: Warburton- Leonara


Day 4: Paynes Find

Accommodation: Paynes Find Roadhouse


Day 5: Cosmo Newberry

Accommodation: Cosmo Newberry Roadhouse.


Day 6: Ngaanyatjarra - Giles

Accommodation: Warrakurna Roadhouse.


Day 7 and 8: Alice Springs

Accommodation: Doubletree or equivalent


Day 9: Halls Creek

Accommodation: Halls Creek TBA


Day 10: Derby

Accommodation: Derby TBA


Day 11: Broome

Accommodation: Broome - China town TBA


Day 12: Kununurra

Accommodation: Kununurra -TBA


Day 13: Alice Springs


Day 14: Alice Springs

Tour concludes after breakfast.

Includes / Excludes

What’s included in our Tour

  • 13 nights accommodation.
  • 13 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 11 dinners.
  • Transport by modern and comfortable light aircraft and vehicles suitable for the highway conditions.
  • Entrances and sightseeing as specified.
  • Services of Tour Leader for the duration of tour.
  • Detailed Preparatory Information.

What’s not included in our Tour

  • Return Domestic airfares.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Items of a personal nature, such as telephone calls and laundry.

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