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Europe Tours

Odyssey’s Europe tours are inclusive travel packages for small groups of senior or mature couples & single travellers. European tour packages for groups of up to sixteen people,  learning about the culture and history of the place in a relaxed environment, exploring cathedrals, historic cities & fairytale castles. Travel to France, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the islands of the Mediterranean, Central Europe, Greece or Turkey. Typically for 21 days fully escorted tours of Europe with local guides.

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Iceland church in Vik

Our journey to the land of the Midnight Sun gives an insight into the history of this Icelandic nation. In geological terms, Iceland is very young and the landscape is alive with nature’s forces. Our program explores glaciers, national parks and majestic waterfalls as we learn about Iceland’s natural heritage and its Viking past. Iceland is also teeming with birdlife, with the 14 kilometre longest precipitous cliff in Europe, host to millions of seabirds.

17 days
Level 1 - Introductory to Moderate
Scandinavian Designs Small Group Tour; Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Denmark, Sweden and Finland realised that the only way to remain competitive on the world stage was through the value of superior design. We explore the cities and towns where those high quality products, appreciated around the world, are created.

21 days
Level 1 - Introductory to Moderate

Odyssey Traveller’s Via di Francesco (or the Way of St. Francis) small group walking tour links together places directly associated with the life and sacred travels of St. Francis of Assisi. This 18-day tour traverses Italy from Florence to Rome, with important stops in Assisi where St. Francis was born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone to a wealthy family in 1182 and where he died at the age of 44 in 1226.

18 days
Level 3 - Moderate to Challenging

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