Discover Asia and the Orient

Everyone should travel in Asia and the Orient at least once in their lifetime. It’s a continent packed with diverse cultures, fascinating history and welcoming people. Not to mention many of the world’s must see destinations!

Odyssey offers a variety of small group tours exploring Asia and the Orient. Experience the tea culture of China, or attend the Harbin ice and snow festival.  Explore the magnificent landscapes of Mongolia, or trek through Bhutan and Nepal in the majestic Himalayas.  Travel the ancient Silk Road or  journey from Mongolia to Russia.  Discover the ‘Stans’ – UzbekistanKazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.  

Visit Japan, Taiwan, or even secretive North Korea in east Asia.  In southeast Asia, explore newly emerged Myanmar or Vietnam. See unforgettable India and neighbouring Sri Lanka.

Our small group tours are especially for mature aged travellers and typically take no more than 16 people.  Most tours run for around 21 days and all are fully escorted by both a local guide and Odyssey Program Leader.


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This program traverses this expanse, from Ulaanbaatar to St Petersburg; from the Mongolian Steppes to Siberian taiga and tundra; over the Ural Mountains that divide Asia and Europe to the waterways of Golden Ring. Our program uses two of the great rail journeys of the world; the Trans Mongolian Express and the Trans Siberian Express.

30 days
Asia and the Orient
Level 3 - Moderate to Challenging

Mongolia is a relatively unexplored country for travellers but it has many diverse landscapes to explore, and interesting cultures to become acquainted with all existing in a country with few cities and towns but with extensive rural lands that remain the precinct of nomadic herders.

22 days
Asia and the Orient
Level 3 - Moderate to Challenging

This program includes many of Taiwan’s natural wonders; from Taroko Gorge, one of the seven wonders of Asia, to Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s largest lake; Kenting National Park, with its 60 kilometres of coral-rimmed shoreline to the East Coast National Scenic Area, stretching 170 kilometres.

13 days
Asia and the Orient
Level 1 - Introductory to Moderate

This small group tour organised by Odyssey Traveller, Contemporary Japan, will take you through modern life in this East Asian jewel. This contemporary tour is an expedition through Japan’s major urban areas, beginning and ending in Japan’s tantalising capital, Tokyo. For the first 12 days we get our fill of Tokyo fashion, technology, culture, and sights.

21 days
Asia and the Orient
Level 2 - Moderate

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