Travellers Aid Others in Pursuing their Dreams

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Odyssey Travellers Aid Others in Pursuing their Dreams

Senior Odyssey Travellers have enjoyed educational touring programs since 1983. In 2012, the organisation began providing scholarships to eligible university students across Australia and New Zealand. The financial value of each scholarship awarded is AU$10,000 cash. The number of scholarships granted each year by the Directors reflects the quality of the applicants.

The main  constraint to the number of scholarships offered is the number of people who travel with us each year. It is Senior Odyssey Travellers’ support that generate the underlying cash flow to provide for research, reserves, and cash for the scholarships. More travellers means more funds set aside for scholarships; more demand means an increase in the number of scholarships offered.

Restructuring provides the platform to aid others

The major restructuring in 2013 now provides the platform for the Directors to issue scholarships. Costs under the current CEO where stripped. Every spent dollar examined for value, and a new organisation structure put into place over a four-year time frame.

Ongoing support is vital

Odyssey Traveller has close links to the educational sector, enjoying a long historic association with the Universities of Australia and New Zealand. Today this association is reflected in the Tour leaders and the Directors. Odyssey  leaders and Directors have typically had careers in education. Either as career academics or teachers. It is their passion for life long long learning that makes tours with Odyssey a success.


Odyssey Traveller customer relationships are decades in the making rather than years.  This relationship with you is important to the organisation’s success. The success of the organisation drives the scholarships.

The criteria for selecting recipients are Academic performance and financial need. These two measures are considered vital to giving promising students a chance, that vital opportunity to succeed. This recent article in the Guardian about the 5 wealthiest people in the world having as much combined wealth as the poorest 50%  of the people in the world make these scholarships even more vital as a contributor to addressing the inequality of the distribution of wealth  in modern society.

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Odyssey Traveller appreciates your support resulting in our ability to provide these scholarships.

Thank you.