Discover Iceland: Spectacular geography and culture for mature travellers

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Spectacular geography and culture awaits in Iceland

Odyssey Travel offers a small group tour of Iceland for the mature traveller. If you are seeking a country that offers soaring mountains, spectacular glaciers, picturesque villages, and an exciting modern culture, then Iceland packs all this into a relatively small space.

During Odyssey’s tour, you will circumnavigate the nation, visiting museums and world heritage sites, and sampling Iceland’s local cuisine. Odyssey small group tours are geared towards seniors travelling solo or as a couple, and our escorted journey to Iceland caters to the enthusiastic mature traveller.

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A Viking History

Iceland has a complex and fascinating history that began with Viking settlement.  In Reykjanesbaer, a seaside town adjacent to the international airport, you can visit Viking World. This museum that houses five exhibitions and, during the summer months, a settlement zoo. The crown jewel of the museum is Islendingur, a complete replica of a Viking ship, based on a vessel excavated from an ancient burial mound, dated to A.D. 870.

Iceland’s Magisterial Landscape

Glaciers, geysers, and waterfalls spot Iceland’s famously harsh and dramatic landscape. Because it is a relatively young island, you can practically see the countryside forming as volcanoes, lakes, and geothermal hot springs shape the environment.

Check out this Conde Nast slideshow which showcases some of the must-see examples of natural beauty:

The Magic of Reykjavik

In Reykjavik, you’ll discover a colourful capital city not much larger than a small town.  Perched on the country’s rugged coastline, the city is proud of its natural setting and striking architecture and thrilling culture. The Harpa Concert Hall recently won the prestigious Mies Van der Roe award, and the capital, renowned for its nightlife is full of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

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