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Articles about Madagascar

Madagascar small group tour

Madagascar: For the Curious

2 mins readAfricaMadagascar

Madagascar: For the Curious A stunning combination of jungles, beaches, and reefs, biodiversity awaits at every turn, thanks to its geographical isolation off the East coast of Africa. An abundance of wildlife […]

Madagascar’s Fascinating History

6 mins readAfricaMadagascar

Madagascar’s Fascinating History Geographically remote, off the eastern coast of  Africa and in the Indian Ocean, is Madagascar. This article briefly outlines the history of Madagascar and examines the unique biodiversity of the island. Baobab…

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Madagascar Small Group Tour | The island of Lemurs & Avenue of Baobabs

On this small group tour we explore the country’s natural wonders as well as its colonial past. Madagascar has a range of extraordinary plant and animal life which we will have the chance to view in the island’s National Parks and Nature Reserves. While on the tour we will also learn about both the Portuguese and French periods of control.

16 days
Departing Sep, Apr, Aug

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